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se, and I and my wife are extremely convinced.” Zhu Xun nodded repeatedly.

“Elder Zhan, why are you and the Huangji Sect’s thieves so polite?”
Lu Bei was shocked and confused: “What happened? But with a new plan, our Tianjian Sect will not rebel?”
“There may be some minor conflicts between Tianjian Sect and Huangji Sect, but they are limited to conflicts. In the name of the elder of Tianjian Sect, Zhan guarantees that conflicts can rise to competition, but they will never turn into conflicts.”
Zhan Lexian looked at Lu Bei intently and said in a cold tone: “As for you, Tianjian Sect doesn’t have your name, so don’t talk nonsense anymore.”
/“Isn’t it? There is no name like Lu? Look at this Iron Sword token. It is an elite disciple of the Iron Sword Alliance with a name. Look at this elder’s sword.”
Lu Bei took out the iron sword token and shook the elder sword in his hand: “This object was given by Elder Jing Jijing. Several elders on Tianjian Peak worked together to forge it. Only those with meritorious deeds will not get it. It is truly one of our own. ”
On the side, Zhu Xun and Xia Yuechan stared at the black broad sword. Although it was outrageous, the fact was before their eyes. The sword of the elders of the Tianjian Sect was a rare item. Is it possible?
Are they really their own people?
“That’s Elder Jing’s intention and has nothing to do with Zhan.”
Zhan Lexian glanced at the black broad sword lightly and secretly thought that Jing Ji treated this person very well. He gave away the sword that he had raised for many years. He was afraid that he had gone crazy and made his brain stupid.
Lu Bei: (一`′一)
Foreign enemies are still clinging to the internal conflicts within the clan, and their vision is so short-sighted. With such things, how can we build Tianjian Sect well, and how can we overthrow Wu Zhou Guang and restore the Qingqian rule?
It’s okay if the Heavenly Sword Sect doesn’t wait!
Thinking of this, Lu Bei put away the iron sword token and pointed at the Xuanyin Division dog skin on his body: “I am a military attaché of the Purple Guard and a personal soldier of the emperor. Who dares to touch me?”
I dare! x3
Zhu Xun and Xia Yuechan looked at each other, their faces suddenly turned pale, and they vomited blood: “Madam, this beast secretly poisoned my soul and severely damaged my soul. If it is not treated in time, it will leave serious problems and the path of cultivation will inevitably stop at this. Now, leave as soon as possible, and I’ll hold him accountable again someday.”
Xia Yuechan hurriedly supported Zhu Xun and nodded to Zhan Lexian: “Since it is an internal conflict within Tianjian Sect, Huangji Sect will not intervene. However, God has the virtue of good people, so please show mercy to Elder Zhan. You must not Because there was no one around, he killed him and buried his body in the wilderness.”
“It will save you money if you kill someone.”
/“In that case, the two of us will take the first step.”
Xia Yuechan closed the little world, supported Zhu Xun and was about to le