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merit are not that valuable to him.

It’s just equivalent to an ordinary treasure of heaven and earth.
Zhang Jian shook his head slightly and said in the strange eyes of Changsheng Taoist Master.
“Second Ancestor, this disciple can help you with this matter, but you need to promise me a few things!”
Taoist Changsheng was slightly surprised and said immediately.
“you say!”
Zhang Jian nodded.
“First thing, if you, Second Ancestor, can finally subdue the origin of the Heavenly Dao of the True World of Immortality, my disciple hopes that you will still retain the structure of the True World of Immortality and leave a place for our race to live!”
Taoist Master Changsheng glanced at Zhang Jian, with some waves in his eyes, and said.
“This is easy to talk about, I agree!”
“Secondly, within thirty Yuan Hui, no one is allowed to take action against the Heavenly Dao of the True Realm of Immortality!”
Zhang Jian’s face was calm.
He was stationed for thirty Yuanhui.
Once the thirty Yuanhui are over, he will be transferred away. When the other patrolling Heavenly Lords enter this world, what the Changsheng Daoist Lord wants to do will naturally have nothing to do with him.
When the time comes, whether Changsheng Taoist renegotiates with the Three Emperors Holy Court or directly leaves the Three Emperors Holy Court, he will no longer care.
Taoist Master Changsheng’s eyes moved and he smiled.
“I agree to this condition. If you have any other conditions, you can tell me directly!”
Zhang Jian nodded.
/“I need the earth and the authority of the Nine Nether Realm of Immortality!”
He made one last condition.
If he works hard to solve this huge hidden danger for Taoist Changsheng, this is what he deserves.
In fact, if he hadn’t considered that Xinzu might join the demon clan and become a rival of the human race when he was born at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, he might not have chosen to help the Taoist Immortal.
This is not in line with his way of life.
After all, he helped Taoist Changsheng, and Taoist Changsheng would seize the True Realm of Immortality from the hands of the Three Emperors Holy Court. He might get into trouble.
But at this time, he had to do it.
This is for the human race and for himself.
In the early Yuan Dynasty, Xin Zu was not only a serious problem for Taoist Changsheng, but also a serious problem for the human race.
/Zhang Jian could not let a peerless evil god who might join the demon clan escape at any time.
I believe that several human race saint emperors will also understand this.
Taoist Changsheng pondered slightly.
The Earth and the Nine Nethers are one of the two most powerful sources of authority in the world, and they also represent two great fortunes.
One is the cornerstone that carries all living things, and the other is the place where all things reincarnate.
The Taoist Priest of Changsheng was thinking about whether such a huge price was worth it.
But after all the calculations, Changsheng Dao Zun felt that this matter really could not get around this patrolling Tia