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Gen from being hurt a second time, and also creates powerful conditions for his counterattack.

Zhang Jian knew that with just one fallen immortal, Ao Gen, even if Ao Gen was drained of energy and severely injured in the eternal ice prison, this matter would still not be able to do anything to him, let alone transfer him away.
After this incident, the other party is afraid that he will take action again.
He wants to give the other party a clear impression.
He, the Eternal Ice Castle Lord, suppressed Ao Gen immediately because he was worried that the matter would escalate and affect his own future, so he suppressed Ao Gen immediately and prevented everyone from coming forward to investigate Ao Gen’s condition.
Seeing Zhang Jian’s arbitrary decision, Taoist Gu Ning turned around and walked away with a bad look on his face.
“Brother Gu Dao”
Yuan Jiang wanted to speak out to resolve the situation, but he couldn’t.
He could only look at Zhang Jian.
“Tianjun, what should I do next?”
Zhang Jian looked cold and said coldly.
“Yuan Jiang, we need to send more manpower to the Eternal Ice Prison. I don’t want a second such accident to happen deep in the Eternal Ice Prison!”
Yuan Jiang quickly agreed upon hearing this.
Within the Eternal Ice Crystal Temple, Zhang Jian summoned the thousand-foot-long demonic dragon out with a wave of his hand.
The spirit of the thousand-foot-long demonic dragon in the middle is burning at an accelerated rate under the burning of magic power, and it is close to the state of running out of oil and lamp.
In such a state, it would be difficult to save him if some Taoist masters who are good at creating things come to him.
But for Zhang Jian, it’s really not that difficult.
A faint sneer appeared in his eyes.
Not to mention just letting this demonic dragon become possessed, even if he completely killed the demonic dragon, he would still have a way to bring the opponent back.
Using this method to plot against him was really underestimating him.
Zhang Jian raised a palm, and the Nine Transformation Chaos Green Lotus Transformation Technique of his innate supernatural power condensed from the depths of his palm and turned into a blooming Chaos Green Lotus. It floated out and fell into the true form of the Thousand-foot Demonic Dragon. Shrouded, the chaotic air flow fell, and the energy of chaotic transformation bloomed, countless demonic energy ice disintegrated, and the chaotic divine light went straight into the depths of the thousand-foot demon dragon, eradicating countless chaotic demonic energy.
When it comes to the power of purification, this innate magical power of unknown level is even stronger than the Green Lotus Soul Purifying Spell.
However, the strongest point of the fifth-level immortal Qinglian Soul Purifying Spell is transformation and redemption, rather than purification.
/As the demonic energy was eradicated, the true form of the Qianzhang White Dragon emerged. His body was surrounded by a faint water attribute energy, which could not be concealed by his weakness.