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behind him, and his face was shaken.

At this moment, he felt that the laws of water and fire in the entire heaven and earth were active and fighting with all their might.
The creatures inside are completely exposed to the collision of water and fire, and are instantly turned into coke, or into ice cubes, or they may completely wither and disappear in the back and forth between ice and fire.
Even the gods with low-level practices and demons cannot bear the force of such a collision.
Zhang Jian escaped from the void for hundreds of millions of miles in one breath, and the energy of water and fire raging behind him gradually weakened.
But the disaster has only just begun.
Zhang Jian was on the earth, looking into the void in the distance. He saw thick and magnificent circles of skylight in the distance, and below was a huge sacred mountain connecting heaven and earth.
That is Zhou Shan!
In Zhang Jian’s eyes, as the scorching sun bloomed in the sky, an ice-blue giant with a figure that looked like it was standing side by side with the sun and the moon was suddenly shot down from the sky.
As he landed, the endless ocean turned into a torrent covering the endless earth, making the earth sink.
“Zhu Rong, you have insulted me too much. Today, this god will die with you!”
At this time, along with the roaring sound, a group of blue light suddenly gathered in the infinite ocean and headed towards Zhoushan.
“Gonggong, stop!”
“You’re crazy!”
Above the sky, following the movements of the blue-light giant, several angry shouts were heard.
But he saw the blue light expand, and instantly bombarded the majestic Qingtian Mountain.
With an earth-shattering bang.
Even Zhang Jian, who was hundreds of millions of miles away, heard a terrifying loud noise. In this loud noise, it seemed that every component in the world was making an overwhelming shattering sound.
Such a voice is cruel, but full of endless divine power.
Zhang Jian even heard the sound of countless ancestral Qi networks and ancestral Qi wheels breaking in his ears.
That Zhou Mountain is really crucial to the wild world, it is the Pillar of Heaven.
At this time, the Tianzhu collided with the huge water giant, suddenly swaying, and then the mountain cracked and collapsed step by step.
The huge Optimus Pillar turned into countless fragments and fell from the sky.
Boom! !
/The huge Optimus Pillar collapsed and fell, that’s all.
A huge hole suddenly appeared in the sky. The hole was still tearing open, and a terrifying torrent flowed down from it.
This is where the world-destroying disaster arises.
Zhang Jian is naturally no stranger to that terrifying torrent, and is very familiar with it.
/That is the Nine Heavens Weak Water bred from the Central Heaven Realm.
There are two “garbage rivers” in the heavens and the world, which are famous in the world.
One is the River of Nine Netherworlds, which gathers all the darkest and negative forces in the world. It is also the place where the earth digests the toxins of all spirits.
The other is the Jiu