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h also seem to surrender around him, which is extremely terrifying.

“The inheritance of the Yu family will last forever!”
Looking at this scene, Guan Qiao’s eyes spurted out golden divine light, her eyes glared angrily, and a ray of terrifying imperial power revived in the White Emperor’s Golden Ge, which instantly turned into a blazing golden light and slashed towards the void god.
“Something happened to the Holy One!”
Deep in the secret place, when other monks from the Yu family who were practicing hard saw this scene, their faces changed, and they each held weapons and turned into streaks of divine light and rushed out of the secret place.
However, there were still a few changes in their eyes, but they did not move.
After entering the Shenjing City, the other party was able to directly control Yu Xiuwen, the lord of the Shenjing City, the current patriarch of the Yu family, and the Emperor of Dayin, without alerting anyone. This shows his integrity.
Although Yu Qiao had obtained the Holy King’s relic in the holy temple, these monks of the Yu family were not sure whether they could defeat the other party.
Therefore, they were unwilling to take action easily, but were prepared to check the situation first.
After a while, several people’s expressions brightened, with a look of annoyance in their eyes.
But in an instant, the blazing golden light was like a sharp blade cutting through the sky, cutting the god who exuded the majestic imperial aura into ‘two pieces’ in an instant!
The opponent is actually vulnerable!
Deep in the void, Guan Qiao’s expression also changed slightly, but there was no joy in his eyes.
After Bai Di Jin Ge killed the figure, he did not stop. Instead, he turned into a golden light and swept towards the depths of the void.
The power of Baidi Jin Ge is huge, and it contains the traces of the Holy King. Once activated, it will not return unless it completely hits the opponent.
This also means that what Bai Di Jin Ge just broke out to kill was just an illusory shadow.
Deep in the void, Zhang Jian took advantage of the home field advantage created by the Shanhe Sheji Map to escape into the endless void, and a sharp golden light quickly pursued him behind him.
At this time, Zhang Jian was also holding a true immortal in a white-gold dragon robe with closed eyes.
That was Emperor Yin’s concubine Xiu Wen.
Relying on the authority of the Shinto emperor to suppress the Great Yin Dragon Qi, Zhang Jian directly suppressed Yu Xiuwen who was practicing in the Huangji Palace, and sealed her soul with the Green Lotus Soul Purifying Spell.
However, this still caused a backlash from the Great Yin Dragon Soul.
/Zhang Jian stared at the divine light of Bai Emperor behind him.
The White Emperor’s divine light was extremely sharp, even the dimensional space formed by the Mountains, Rivers and Sheji Diagram was faintly torn apart by it.
Zhang Jian estimated that the power of this treasure might even exceed the limits of a fourth-level immortal treasure.
It contains a powerful level of Taoist pow