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engraved deep in his soul.

Zhu Peng once again slightly tightened the scabbard in his hand, but finally let go with some dejection. The sword can cut off the physical body, but it cannot cut off the inner demons. Zhu Peng will one day be able to cut off the flowing water with a sword. Don’t open the flowing meaning and thoughts.
Chapter 443: Don’t hate, just blame, because I’m not strong
“I, I want to ask you to save my father. I know he was sorry for you back then, but as a child, I can’t look at him.”
“Enough!” Shen Lei shouted violently. Because of the shocking anger, the air around Zhu Peng was distorted. There was obviously no fluctuation of true energy, but the seemingly tangible anger was burning crazily.
“You have such a temperament. You usually act so coquettish and domineering. You seem to be a very lively, cheerful and sunny girl, but what about the reality? You are always so passive and will never disobey the will of your loved ones. , But, can’t you live for yourself even one day in this life?” He strode forward and threw all the copywriting materials he had just taken out from the wooden table in Li Shishi’s face. Zhu Peng lost control of his emotions to the point of purple soul. His eyes were bulging out of his eyes, and those eyes that were supposed to be eternally cold were burning with an anger that was like the scorching sun at this moment.
Seeing Zhu Peng getting angry, Master Li stepped back in a panic, trying to pick up the scattered information, but Zhu Peng grabbed her by the neck, and she was slammed against the solid wooden door.
/There was a muffled “dong” sound. Although the fall was extremely painful, the sound was not loud. The next moment, Zhu Peng’s whole body was attached to her bumpy body, he took the girl’s wrist holding the lily, and moved the flower to Li Shishi’s eyes with a clever move.
The “peng” lily was wrapped in a ball of purple flames. The delicate flower slowly withered and turned to ashes in front of Master Li’s eyes, flying everywhere in the purple flames. “This is the hint that I keep sending you lilies. They are so beautiful, so innocent, but they turn out to be so fragile. Look, if I apply a little force, it won’t even leave any residue in the end.”
Inexplicable words and inexplicable anger, Zhu Peng grabbed Li Shishi’s neck with one hand while speaking, and pinned her to the door. The huge force almost made people suffocate completely, but the girl in his arms looked at Zhu Peng There was not even a little bit of struggle on that twisted face.
She always thought that he hated her, yes, how could he not hate her? The memories of laughing together, kissing each other, gazing at each other, and touching their bodies out of curiosity still appeared in her mind, but her family was the most painful for him. , abandoned him when he needed help the most. How could you not hate such an encounter? It wasn’t until today that she realized that Zhu Peng had never hated her.
A complex love that is tangled, twisted, intractable, and still chaotic.
Looking at Zhu P