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lly want to go to the battlefield of monks, it is equivalent to completely entrusting my life and death to the protection of the illusory destiny. I am afraid that it will not be as good as you casting a replenishing Taoist spell on me. I was beaten to the point of being left with no bones left.

Moreover, our Blood Soul clan is a family of cultivators. Even if all the adult monks in the clan are killed, those of us who are not old enough will still be transferred and sent away, and will definitely not be sent to the frontline battlefield. After all, We are all the hope of the family’s future.
Zhu Peng, who was confused all the way and full of confused thoughts, almost didn’t know how he got back home. A beautiful butterfly flapped its wings in Europe, and huge waves arose on the Sea of ??Japan thousands of miles away. The world-famous “butterfly effect” is explained in traditional Chinese terms. In fact, it means that one hair affects the whole body.
At this time, Zhu Peng felt that he was like a strong butterfly. He had flapped his fat and strong arms and had already wiped out Master Li’s “Yin Feng Jin”. Although it was a good thing for Master Li to switch to “Bodhi Technique”, It has more potential and future than the low-level skill “Yin Feng Jin” she practiced. However, Zhu Peng still felt a terrible sense of crisis in Master Li. As he changes and becomes stronger, will everything outside be the same? Will it also change and become stronger? How long can the rebirth advantage of relying on oneself be used and maintained after rebirth?
He was breathing heavily, but there was still a depressing feeling in Zhu Peng’s heart. All kinds of memories after his rebirth were flowing in his heart. Zhu Peng was thinking about the people and things he had changed after his rebirth. These changed people were related to What would happen? Zhu Peng thought about all of this for a long time, tossing and turning over and over again, making it difficult to fall asleep.
Except for my father and Master Li, two people who are close to me, even my mother has not been affected much by me, so the scope of my influence should still be small. Fortunately, I have been practicing in seclusion for a long time during this period. Otherwise, I am afraid that the known future You will really be affected by me.
Slowly calculating in his mind, Zhu Peng’s father’s description appeared inexplicably in his mind. At this time, his father was nearly 30% stronger than the same period before his rebirth. Logically speaking, this should be a good thing, but why? There is always a slight sense of crisis in your heart?
In the iron mountain formation in the stone chamber beneath the Zhu family’s home, Zhu Peng stood with his upper body naked and his eyes closed.
Chapter 038 Yuanci Yanyang Iron Formation
/However, the overflowing iron evil magnetism in the Iron Mountain Formation was like a flowing tide, invading and disturbing his whole body, intersecting with the health-preserving aura emanating from Zhu Peng himself, and faintly emitting a “sigh” T