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hu Peng didn’t even pay attention. The true essence shield surrounding his body suddenly unfolded, and the purple flames incinerated murderous aura. The entire body protective true essence shield suddenly expanded several times, and with it , covering all the girls in green skirts behind him.

The attack of that silver needle is indeed fierce, the magic circle carved in it is exquisite, and the method of using it is also very strange. It can be said that it is specially designed to destroy the body’s protective essence. Even monks of the same level may be defeated by him as long as their skills are slightly inferior to that of the sneak attacker. This injection will break your body and you will suffer a huge loss.
It’s a pity that Zhu Peng is at the top of the eighth level of Qi refining with Qi Dao cultivation, and his body-protecting true essence shield is solid and dense, with unparalleled toughness. Even if it is gathered and opened and closed several times, the defense is still amazing. The silver needle is just touched by it. The blazing purple Yin flames burned into a wisp of black energy and dissipated without a trace.
The next moment, two monks, a man and a woman, slowly came into Zhu Peng’s eyes. The man was majestic and the woman was charming. They were both middle-aged, but their style, energy, and even their willpower were at their peak. , extremely outstanding.
The roar of the tiger and the beast just now came from the man, but the sneak attack of the silver needle came from the female cultivator. It seems that the two of them cooperated with each other skillfully. With this joint change of hardness, softness, light and darkness, I don’t know. How many powerful opponents were defeated in an instant.
/It’s a pity that Zhu Peng’s cultivation was able to suppress them steadily. Seeing Hong Bo’er twisting and struggling in Zhu Peng’s arms like a fish out of water, although the two of them were anxious and angry, they had no idea what to do, and they didn’t even dare to act rashly.
/Just when Zhu Peng was about to hold a stalemate and test the mental energy of everyone in the Hong Mansion, a servant of the Hong Mansion with lively eyes suddenly jumped out of the mansion and came to the mighty man who was obviously in charge. He approached and said, After saying two words, in just a moment, the whole situation was repeated.
After shooing away the servant, the mighty man bowed deeply to Zhu Peng and saluted Zhu Peng under the astonished and horrified gazes of everyone present, and then spoke loudly: “I didn’t know that Deputy Commander Zhu was here. I apologize for your reckless words.”
As soon as these words came out, everyone was silent. Even Zhu Peng immediately released his grip on Hong Bo’er. His identity had already been identified. It would be a shame to hold on to a little girl again. The price dropped, in full public view, Vice Commander Zhu really couldn’t afford to lose that person.
But when Hong Bo’er heard his father revealed Zhu Peng’s identity, he seemed to be dumbfounded. He clung to Zhu