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lly apply it skillfully or even randomly.

As Yu Canghai spoke, the deep purple yin inflammation and pale electric energy on his body were still beating. At this time, he had gradually escaped the effect of the “Eye of Doom”, and his defense gradually recovered, except for the purple yin inflammation. The iron evil magnetic light has already acted on him. His true energy defense has not been restored. Fortunately, it is restored at this time. The three forces conflict with each other in his body. Almost every moment of the day, there is crumbling flesh and rotten plasma. Peeling and spilling on him.
Slowly, this effect started to take effect. From the surface, Yu Canghai was more than ten times more miserable than Zhu Peng.
“Life and death are relative. Your Heart-Destroying Palm is indeed powerful. The palm spreads death energy and breaks the heart with one blow. But I have been training hard since I was a child. It’s not just my Qi, meridians, muscles and bones. My Qi and blood are strong and strong. The life activity is several times that of practitioners of the same level. Although the death energy in your palm is strong, it can’t kill me for a while. “The words were originally spoken very forcefully, but Zhu Peng suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood halfway through.
His originally rosy face became paler and even blue, and it was obvious that the life force had begun to erode his vitality in a real sense. The ultimate skill of the world, even an incomplete one, could not be overcome by relying on the body.
“Huh, okay, I just pretended.”
/With a long breath, even Zhu Peng finally gave in under the threat of life and death. In the past, he never retreated because there was still a glimmer of hope to be found in the most dangerous situations.
But now that the battle with Yu Canghai has come to this point, if it continues, the two of them will die together. If they continue to fight without hesitation, it will not be brave, but reckless without risking their lives.
“I’ll count one, two, three. Let’s let go of each other at the same time. You also know the current situation. If we continue to fight, we will both die here.
I still have dozens of lovely wives and concubines, but I don’t want to risk my life here with you, an old man. That would be too unsightly. ”
“The old Taoist also has the foundation of Qingcheng and cannot let it go. It is of course the best thing for a fellow Taoist to turn conflicts into friendship.”
At this moment, the green light and purple-white light on Yu Canghai’s body clashed again. This time the clash exploded a large piece of his flesh and blood. Yu Canghai did not have Zhu Peng’s physical fitness, and his tolerance for pain was far inferior. Zhu Peng is amazingly powerful.
/At the moment when Yu Canghai was in severe pain, Zhu Peng opened his mouth, and three short sharp sounds suddenly poured into his ears. At the same time, Yu Canghai’s eyes that opened instinctively suddenly met Zhu Peng’s rapidly rotating Zi Po Tian. Eyes “The dark lamp leads the w