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nth level of Qi Refining to the Great Perfection of Qi Refining under the continuous blowing of the Three Yin Qi.

Chapter 579: Gather Yin Qi to protect and build the foundation
/When Zhu Peng was hesitant and pondering just now, the tyrannical Yin Qi of Zhen Yuan made her go all out and directly break through the state of Qi Refining Dzogchen. Zhu Sansan completed the preliminary work of building the foundation and accumulating Zhen Yuan without her being aware of it at all.
A large amount of pink energy overflowed, which not only made the passion between men and women shrouded in pink light slowly rise and become more intense, but also made Zhu Peng’s mind slowly clear up. He looked at Zhu Sansan and avoided the strong hypocrisy looking at his face. Feeling harmonious, a spiritual light gradually became clear in Zhu Peng’s eyes.
A burst of true energy that can make a Qi refining cultivator explode into pieces may not be able to harm a Foundation-building cultivator. At this moment, Zhu Sansan’s body’s Qi machine is the most important balance of Yin and Yang, and he regulates it externally. As long as he controls it properly , it might not be possible to let Zhu Sansan directly enter the foundation building. At that time, the remaining true energy and fire energy in her body can certainly hurt her, but it will be extremely difficult to take her life. After all, practitioners of the foundation building realm and Qi Refining Compared with cultivators in this realm, both overall quality and vitality can be said to have been greatly enhanced and improved.
“Just letting her lie like this is not enough. She is unconscious now. Even if the Qi and Qi in her body are temporarily controlled by me, I still lack an ‘introducer’ to activate it.” Thinking like this, Zhu Peng slowly followed He took out a pill with an overflowing medicinal fragrance from the storage space bag. It was the Foundation Establishment Pill, and it was currently the best Star Dou Foundation Establishment Pill in Zhu Peng’s hands. It was refined with the three lights of the sun, moon, and stars, and was created by the Buxu Realm. A strong person presides over it, and it takes years to refine the top-level foundation-building elixir.
/The last Zhu Peng was sold to the East China Sea Dragon Palace. After several rounds of publicity, it was sold for an astonishing price of tens of millions of spiritual stones. Although it is difficult for this one to have the same luck as last time, but selling it for 1.8 million, I am willing to The cultivator I bought is still piece by piece. But at this time, Zhu Peng was interested in saving people, not making money.
Put the Foundation Establishment Pill directly into Zhu Sansan’s mouth. This level of elixir can be said to melt in the mouth. As long as it touches saliva, it is impossible not to swallow it. After the effect of the elixir gradually dissipates, then Bursts of radiant spiritual energy slowly overflowed, naturally driving Zhu Sansan’s already sufficient true energy to slowly complete the foundation buildi