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without any obstruction.

without any obstruction.
Secretary Xiao Zhao was waiting downstairs. Not many people could enjoy this treatment. The staff of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee found it strange. It was not surprising when they saw Han Bo jump out of the van and say hello to Xiao Zhao.
The division-level deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau who was parachuted in was asked by Secretary Lin of the Provincial Political and Legal Committee to accompany him when he came to pay homage to deputy detachment leader Yang Wenjin a few days ago. Not only did they attend the memorial service together, but they also inspected several units together after it was over.
When he walked into the secretary’s office on the third floor, Secretary Meng had indeed made tea. With a smile on his face, he asked him to sit down.
Han Bo stood at attention and saluted with all the due etiquette. He took two symbolic sips and got straight to the point, concisely reporting on the problems existing in the Jinmao market and what might happen.
“Is the problem so serious?”
“It’s more serious than imagined, Secretary Meng. The signs are already showing. If we don’t take measures in time, the consequences may be disastrous.” I
have heard about the Jinmao Market before, and I have even seen it.
The tenants had petitioned the Municipal Party Committee more than once. They even appealed to the provincial government. The higher-level petition department forwarded a lot of materials. Meng Weidong, the secretary of the Municipal Law Committee, had no idea whether he knew it or not. He even issued several instructions.
“What a coincidence.”
Meng Weidong put down his cup and mused: “Before you called, Pingxi District Mayor Sun Shiyong came here because of this incident. He took Zou Changling with him to report on the comprehensive management and stability maintenance work. The focus of the report was Jin Regarding the fire protection renovation project of Mao Market, we first reviewed whether the work was done well, and then talked about the tenants there. It seems that the district also knows that Jinmao Market is a time bomb. The public is justified, and the mother-in-law is justified. It involves interests. Everyone insists on their own opinions and refuses to give in. The superiors do not know the specific situation and really think that we have not done a good job. They really think that our police are inactive or even bending the law for personal gain. This is the case in nine out of ten petitions. It is difficult to maintain stability. ”
Secretary Meng, the problem now is that He Xini doesn’t work. We must find ways to solve it.”
I’m not afraid of you taking care of it, I’m afraid that you don’t care!
Meng Weidong was waiting for his words, and his face straightened: “You are right, this matter cannot be postponed any longer. Tell me what measures should be taken next and how to fundamentally solve the problem.”
/Many things have happened. It was dragged out due to various reasons. If we can make a prompt decision and