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s fish. It is still fresh. If the internal organs are taken out early, the possibility of the meat being contaminated is even less.

s fish. It is still fresh. If the internal organs are taken out early, the possibility of the meat being contaminated is even less.
The most valuable thing about yellow lip fish is isinglass, but because of the scarcity of this fish, the fish meat itself is also very valuable. Many rich people are willing to dig out their wallets to taste the rare delicacy. In this era, one kilogram can be sold for thousands of Hong Kong dollars. The fish meat alone was worth 200,000 yuan, and Han Xuan did not lose the money he
spent. Cut open the belly of the fish, and the internal organs were immediately exposed. Use a knife to cut off the organs connected to the body and pull out the internal organs.
After carefully sorting out the isinglass, this organ used to assist breathing is very big. Old man Wang clapped his hands and laughed, saying that the money spent was worth it.
Isinglass, also known as fish maw and fish maw, is as famous as bird’s nest and shark’s fin. It is one of the “eight delicacies” and is known as “ocean ginseng”. But now it is bloody and does not look beautiful.
This landscape garden building in Central has a total area of ??almost 390 square meters. There are not many real rooms. A large courtyard takes up two-thirds of it. There is a small pavilion in the center of the pool with koi carps. , rockery is a large piece of volcanic rock.
The Wang family was impoverished at that time, and their ancestors brought many antiques with them when they fled. After selling them, they bought this land on Graham Street, which was originally a dilapidated alley.
Gold in troubled times and collections in prosperous times. In the era of war and turmoil, food was more precious than antiques. This led to Grandma Han Xuan’s two uncles starving to death.
During the meal, Old Man Wang talked about what happened to his family over the years. Han Xuan heard that Eu Yan Sang Dry Goods Store now has seven branches in different places in Hong Kong, and all the stores have been purchased.
According to calculations, the family’s assets are estimated to be 30 to 40 million Hong Kong dollars. When the property market becomes increasingly popular, they may be worth more than this, and they are living a good life.
/“Come on, come on, let’s try the chef’s skills at Fulin Restaurant. If Chef Song and I hadn’t known each other for decades, he wouldn’t have found an excuse to take sick leave and come over to cook for us. That restaurant is very famous recently, and the food is very good. It’s expensive, but it tastes really good, especially this shark’s fin soup, you must try it.”
The old man stood up and helped Han Xuan scoop a bowl. Han Xuan smiled bitterly and thanked him before taking it.
Just now he thought it was a fan, who said there was no killing without buying and selling, but he actually didn’t want to eat this dish.
To put it bluntly, shark fins are made from the fins of sharks. A shark can only make so much. The fins in this big bowl probably require the fins of an entire shark.
But hospitality is hard to d