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handover Song and Wen worked together to figure out what to do.

handover Song and Wen worked together to figure out what to do.
Their comrade-in-arms died, and they hope that their comrade-in-arms will be recognized as martyrs. Their mood is completely understandable, but Han Bo really dare not vouch for this matter. After all, the matter is not as simple as a conflict between Secretary Meng and Vice Mayor Chen.
Han Bo looked at Yang Xiaohui apologetically and said solemnly: “The Yang detachment died, and the driver of the anti-drug detachment, Liu Wei, also died. As far as I know, before the cause of the accident was fully investigated, there was someone, even someone Some leading cadres privately believed that Comrade Liu Wei should be responsible, and asked how he drove Liu Wei’s car. Liu Wei had parents, a wife and children, relatives and friends. One of them had achieved third-class merit in the army and was demobilized to the local area. I have been unable to solve the establishment problem. I am working as an anti-narcotics policeman on a security guard’s salary. Now I am being accused of sacrificing my life in the line of duty. What will his parents, wife and children think?”
“Han Bureau, we don’t have any in the anti-narcotics team!” In the anti-drug detachment , comrades all regard Xiaoliu as a comrade-in-arms, and Political Commissar Gao firmly believes that this kind of thing will not happen in the anti-drug team.
“The Anti-Narcotics Team does not have one, but other units do. These rumors are very hurtful and chill the family of Comrade Liu Wei. People have said that he died with Detachment Yang. Detachment Yang is a martyr, and Liu Wei must also be judged as a martyr. This requirement It’s not too high, and they are quite reasonable, at least they didn’t make any comments about the specifications of the memorial service.”
It’s really scary what people say, but I didn’t expect that there was such a secret.
Deputy Director Guo subconsciously said: “In this case, let’s comment together.”
“It’s easier said than done. He is not a civil servant and does not comply with relevant regulations. The Ministry of Public Security happened to issue a document a few days ago, requiring the entire country to The public security system will fire all security officers from now on within three years. City leaders believe that selecting a security officer as a martyr at this juncture is a bit apolitical and seems to be going against the superiors.” ”
Purge all security officers . , that’s putting it lightly.” The gray-haired first-level police inspector snorted, obviously disdainful of this document from his superior.
It is easy to fire security officers, but the key is how to make up for the resulting shortage of police force.
There is only one way, which is to increase the special establishment of political and legal departments.
/What is the establishment? The establishment refers to wages, case handling funds, pensions, and medical insurance. Does the central government have so much money? Do local governments have it?
Han Bo also thinks this document is