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ve you!”

ve you!”
Zhao Dan stared blankly in front of him. The boy’s eyes, which had never shed tears since his parents’ divorce that year, slowly became moist, and a few clear tears flowed down, washing away the face that had been smeared with some cheap cosmetics. A few traces of dirt.
Underneath the filth, there is a face that is still clean!
/The classroom for evening self-study was quiet, with only the sound of the pen tip crossing the paper spreading within a very narrow range. Li Xinyan suddenly felt a little upset and annoyed, and turned to look at the empty seats not far away. Study committee member Dong Chengcheng, who was never late or left early, did not come to class for the first time. He did not know whether he had some personal matters or was called to the office by Liu Qing to discuss details of the day when the money was lost.
Thinking of this, Li Xinyan looked back at the back row of the classroom. That annoying stinky woman hadn’t come back to class yet, and she must be still refusing to admit it.
“Humph! Let’s see how long you can hold on!”
Li Xinyan paused with the pen in her hand. She might as well have scratched out most of a math problem she had already completed. She quickly picked up the eraser and tried to make amends, but she dropped her homework with a sharp click. The paper was torn.
She frowned, threw away the pen and eraser, put her chin in her hands and looked out the window at the night. She didn’t know why, but the feeling of suffocation in her heart was getting heavier and heavier.
At this moment, the classroom door was pushed open, and Liu Qing, Wen Liang, Dong Chengcheng and Zhao Dan filed in. Liu Qing stood on the podium and said with a smile: “There is good news to announce to the students that the class fees lost a few days ago have been recovered, but it is not what many people imagined, but classmate Dong Chengcheng is outside I accidentally dropped it and was picked up by a classmate from another class and handed over to the Political Education Office. After communicating with the school and carefully identifying it, I was sure that it was the money lost by our class, and every penny was worth it!”
/“Wow, you really got it back? ”
Just get it back, otherwise we have to hand it over again!”
“Didn’t you say yesterday that someone must have stolen it? Are you blushing now?”
“Hey, you thought so too at the time, okay?” ”
Okay, okay, I told you before that you shouldn’t doubt your classmates, and you still accuse me of being hypocritical.” The
class immediately became lively. Liu Qing waited until everyone got too excited, then lowered his hands to signal for silence. Dong Chengcheng nodded. Dong Chengcheng took a few steps forward, bowed deeply and said, “I’m sorry everyone, I thought I left the money in the classroom at the time, but after thinking about it carefully, I might have brought it with me, but I was careless and forgot about it. This time I was lucky enough to meet a good classmate who made a lot of money, otherwise I would really be embarrassed to