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e futures of many leading officials in the country, including Wei Qiwen, are deeply involved and can hardly protect themselves.

e futures of many leading officials in the country, including Wei Qiwen, are deeply involved and can hardly protect themselves.
This is an extremely simple multiple-choice question. In the eyes of most people in the world, there is only one answer. Not even the girls with beautiful looks and different personalities in front of them thought that Wen Liang would engage in such a loss-making business after his head was kicked by a donkey!
A man who can make Yan Qixiu take off his sunglasses and sit down to talk represents a kind of capital and ability that cannot be ignored. Could he be an ignorant, impulsive idiot?
Wen Liang didn’t hesitate for a moment. The young man’s face was filled with a sunny smile that only youth can possess, and he said: “Then, I would like to thank Mr. Yan for giving me this face. I can’t thank you enough! I also thank all the girls on behalf of my friends.” A lot, thank you!”
“What?” Bai Hu could hardly believe his ears and said hurriedly: “That guy’s finger was broken off. It only hurt for a while. It might leave a disability. You don’t have to feel guilty. Being able to go to this building is already worthy of him!”
Zi Yuan’s big watery eyes were rolling directly on Wen Liang’s face, as if he wanted to see clearly whether he was the fake of some idiot who had a stroke. Qingluan and Chique glanced at Wen Liang, lowered their heads and said nothing. The snow hoe, who had always been cold and cold, sat still, as if everything had nothing to do with her.
Only then did Wen Liang realize that Yan Qixiu had already predicted everything before she went upstairs, and her understanding of herself was minimal. This level of intelligence was truly amazing. Yan Qixiu was amused by Huang Yan’s words and she seemed to be in a good mood. She picked up the cup of tea that she had not drank just now and made a slight gesture. Wen Liang felt happy, knowing that she had promised to leave this room, and hurriedly picked up the tea. Cup, hold it with great respect, face it from a distance and drink.
“Originally, I didn’t care about these little ladies, but today you let me win three bets, so I reluctantly made an exception and told Xuan Juan to let them go. As for the medical expenses?”
Wen Liang cupped his hands and said with a smile: “Mr. Yan, please give me some money.”
Yan Qixiu chuckled and said, “I almost forgot, you are a rich man now, so of course you won’t take this little money seriously. If that’s the case, then I won’t pay the medical bills.”
/Wen Liang’s heart trembled. He didn’t know if she was talking about being a banker. He smiled bitterly and said, “Mr. Yan, please stop teasing me. I’m still missing classes for several projects. I don’t know where to get the funds, what kind of rich man are you?”
Yan Qixiu said: “You little naughty boy, you can only listen to what you say, but if the day comes, just come to me!”
/Wen Liang always came to people. Respect me as much as I respect others, and there is no need for Yan Qixiu to treat him like this. Whether it was f