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The white team he was talking about was the team where Wang Zhizhi was.

The white team he was talking about was the team where Wang Zhizhi was.
Little Nelson understood now, but he smiled and shook his head.
Yao Ming’s body cannot handle such an intense game on the court.
Yao Ming shook his head slightly disappointedly after seeing Nelson’s reaction.
Cuban also came to the team at this time, and Nelson turned around to chat with him.
When Nelson came back, he introduced Yao Ming to Cuban.
“Can I go on the court and play?”
Yao Ming couldn’t help but ask again after knowing that Cuban was the owner of the Mavericks.
He looked really itchy.
Cuban was also stunned for a moment, and then he laughed.
“Wait until they finish playing.”
However, unlike Nelson’s reaction, Cuban was a little interested in the Chinese big man who suddenly appeared in front of him.
After hearing this, Yao Ming beamed with joy and started to warm up on the sidelines.
This made Cuban couldn’t help but laugh again.
This big guy is interesting.
After the training there, Cuban signaled, and Harris arranged for second-year rookie Booth and Yao Ming to duel.
Booth is 2.11 meters and 104 kilograms. Although he was a second-round pick last year, he averaged 4.5 points and 4.4 rebounds per game with the Wizards this season. He is the kind of player who has proven that he can stay in the NBA.
Harris also doesn’t want Yao Ming to look too ugly.
/After all, he is familiar with Nelson and knows about Nelson’s China complex.
Booth didn’t understand the team’s arrangements.
Although the big yellow man in front of him was more than half a head taller than him, he was too thin and looked like a skeleton.
The key is that he looks too young, he looks like a college student who has never played professionally.
The two of them are not in the same dimension, so such a duel is meaningless.
However, due to the arrangement of the team owner, and since he had just arrived at the team, it was impossible for him to refuse such a request.
“With yellow skin, I won’t be too harsh.”
Booth’s emotional intelligence seems to be pretty good, and the non-professional players who can be arranged by the team owner to play against him have some background.
Yao Ming turned to look at Sun Hao. His English is probably at the same level as Wang Zhizhi now.
“He said he would let you.”
/Sun Hao worked as a part-time translator.
“You tell him not to give in. If he does, I don’t know if I can play in the NBA.”
Yao Ming became anxious when he heard this.
Sun Hao laughed after hearing this. He dared to love Yao Ming just to see the gap between himself and the NBA.
But this is not surprising. Whether it was the summer league or yesterday, Yao Ming behaved like a curious baby, full of desire for the NBA.
“Calvin, he said he would blow you up.”
Sun Hao turned to Booth and translated.
“Okay, you asked for it.”
Booth felt offended when he heard Sun Hao’s translation.
Yao Ming looked at Sun Hao in confusion. Although he didn’t understand English very well, the translation just now was obviously not right