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sentful towards the church leaders who concealed the “acting method”.

“I hope that tragedies like this will become less and less common, and may the goddess bless you.” Bright drew a crimson moon on his chest, took the application form, stood up and walked into the weapons depot at the rear.
bang bang bang
/The smell of gunpowder permeated the surroundings, and Klein fired at the target in front of him like a catharsis. It wasn’t until the brass bullets were used up that he packed himself up and took a trackless public carriage to the home of fighting teacher Gao Wen.
He performed the exercises one after another masochistically until Gawain stopped him.
“Fighting training is not for hurting yourself.” Gawain stared at Klein with slightly cloudy dark green eyes and said in a deep voice.
/“Sorry, teacher, I’m not in a good mood today.” Klein exhaled and explained briefly.
“What happened?” Gawain asked calmly.
Klein thought for a moment and replied briefly:
“A friend of mine died suddenly.”
Gawain was silent for a few seconds, then raised his hand to touch the mottled golden temples, and said in an erratic tone:
“I once lost 325 friends in five minutes, and at least 10 of them were the kind who could give their backs to each other.”
Klein sighed in realization: “This is the cruelty of war.”
Gawain glanced at him and suddenly laughed at himself:
“The cruelest thing is that I will never be able to avenge them or fulfill their wishes. There will never be anything I can do.”
“And you still have such an opportunity. Although I don’t understand what happened, I know that you are still young and you still have many opportunities.”
Klein was silent for a while, then suddenly took a breath, cheered up and said:
“Thank you, teacher.”
Gawain nodded lightly and said without any expression:
“Rest for 10 minutes, then repeat the previous exercise for ten sets.”
“” Klein didn’t know what expression to use in response.
Friday morning, inside the Nighthawks Entertainment Room.
Klein, Sigatheon and Frye were sitting around the round table, but they were not playing cards. One was reading newspapers and magazines, one was staring blankly out of the protruding window, and the other was holding a pen and wanted to write something, but he was slow to do so. Not on paper.
The room was so quiet, no one spoke, no one joked, and the atmosphere was almost calm.
Hu Klein took out a breath, put down the newspaper, and planned to focus on reading various materials.
At this moment, Dunn Smith knocked on the door and came in, looked around and said:
“Klein, come out for a moment.”
Klein stood up with some premonition of what was going on and walked out of the entertainment room.
Dunn stood at the entrance of the stairs leading to the ground, turned around, looked at him and said:
“The people from the church are here.”
When the person who examines me arrives, Klein’s spirit becomes tense.
The wind blowing from the ground brought a chilling chill, and Klein felt a little relieved despite his tense spirit.
finally come
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