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ickly and threw the ball back to Sun Hao in the middle.

ickly and threw the ball back to Sun Hao in the middle.
Two against one, playing with the big shark.
After receiving the ball, Sun Hao directly used his strength to fly into the air.
Before O’Neal could turn around, he was going to dunk!
The side dunk is also a spaced dunk. This ball is among the top five goals of the day, no, the top ten goals of the season!
If you are not crazy, you will waste your youth!
He’s getting high!
Sun Hao worked hard. After his height reached 1.87 meters, he became more and more confident in his dunks.
But just when he was about to fly to the highest point, he saw O’Neal turned around!
Damn it, this flexible fat man!
But there was no retreat at all, so he could only reach out and press the ball to the basket in advance.
There must be time!
It turned out that he was overthinking.
When O’Neal turned around, a palm move from the sky knocked him to the ground.
“Throwing thunder”
Sun Hao felt himself falling heavily to the ground before he finished cursing.
The moment he landed, he felt like he had almost left this beautiful world.
The referee’s whistle sounded, indicating O’Neal’s foul.
O’Neal turned around with a question mark on his face and went to the referee to argue.
Sun Hao lay down for a while before sitting up.
After making sure that he was not injured, he pulled the two of them up.
Thanks to the more than ten years of physical training in the system, otherwise he would have been scrapped just now.
But he was really excited just now, and he actually felt that he could dunk O’Neal now.
But he got a foul and wasn’t injured, so it doesn’t seem like a loss.
He’s ready to get to the free throw line.
At this moment, O’Neal, who had finished arguing with the referee, came back. Before he went to the free throw line, he suddenly slapped his butt.
? ?
This time it was Sun Hao’s turn to look like an O’Neal with a question mark face.
I’m not familiar with you!
He was weird when O’Neal greeted him before the game, and he still comes now.
Do you also like Chinese culture as much as Nelson?
O’Neal went to the free throw line after taking the shot, and Sun Hao couldn’t guess the reason.
But beyond the three-point line, Kobe looked ugly.
He’s not Steve Nash!
In fact, his relationship with O’Neal, except for teammates on the court, has never been good off the court.
How can a person who trains like crazy and a person who doesn’t like training have a conversation together?
The reason why he looked ugly was that O’Neal made such an intimate gesture to his opponent.
/The opponent on the field is the enemy!
Sun Hao adjusted his breathing and hit both free throws.
18 to 22, the Mavericks have chased the point difference to 4 points!
After returning from the timeout, Sun Hao scored 8 points in a row!
“This is the best rookie!”
Su Qun couldn’t stop shouting in the broadcast booth.
Zhang Weiping laughed loudly on the sidelines. He realized that when he really blew it, brother, you are