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a long pass in transition from offense to defense. Delk squeezed Nash away and scored a fast break layup!

a long pass in transition from offense to defense. Delk squeezed Nash away and scored a fast break layup!
Kidd took the initiative to high-five Delk.
This is the rhythm of the game he likes.
The Suns chased the point difference to 7 points!
/There was a commotion in the place.
If someone scores, he only needs to pass the ball.
Sun Hao walked to Nash at this time.
“Steve, let’s switch defense.”
Delk was in such good shape during this period that Nash couldn’t guard him at all.
Although Nash couldn’t guard anyone.
In the Mavericks’ offense, Sun Hao and Uncle Huo set up a pick-and-roll. This time he walked out and made his trademark step-back three-pointer.
/Robinson was old and couldn’t keep up with his steps, so he watched Sun Hao take a three-pointer.
There was a crisp sound.
Sun Hao made a key three-pointer!
And after making the shot, he followed up with a blowing action.
There were cheers everywhere.
What is needed is this kind of momentum.
Yao Ming looked excited in the stands.
Sun Hao’s playing temperament is much better than that in the summer league.
Does the NBA improve players that much?
At this moment, he really wanted to sign up for the election this year.
He feels that playing in the NBA for three months can equal one year of playing in the CBA, or even more!
Sun Hao made this key three-pointer, and the Mavericks once again opened the point difference to double digits.
Looking back, Kidd continued to hold the ball at the top of the arc.
At this moment, he saw Nash and Sun Hao standing directly at the free throw line just like before!
Fans who had cameras on the sidelines quickly took out their cameras to take pictures.
Na does not defend VS base does not attack, this scene is unique.
Kidd finally passed the ball to Delk.
This is an instinct that comes from a traditional point guard, giving the ball to the player with the hottest touch on the court.
Sun Hao directly fought with his body.
He is now 1.87 meters tall, while Delke opposite is only 1.85 meters tall. He has the upper hand in height, flexibility, and confrontation.
Of course, more importantly, he has the “Combatant” badge.
Continuous confrontation will cause the opponent’s physical fitness to continue to decline.
Although the effect of the bronze-level badge is not obvious, it is harder to detect if it is not obvious.
Delk shook and then made a fadeaway shot.
His hand feels really hot now.
However, Sun Hao’s offensive feeling also came, and after receiving the back pass from Uncle Huo Er, he made a three-pointer and scored again!
The point difference continues to widen to 11 points!
In the stands, James and Yao Ming had their own wild thoughts.
What Yao Ming is thinking about is how much room he will have for singles inside if he plays with Sun Hao.
James was thinking about how many assists he would get in a game if he, as a top organizer, played with Sun Hao.
Don’t dare to think, don’t dare to think!
On the court, Delk caught the ball and played another wave