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rded the salmon as its prey.

rded the salmon as its prey.
When he was caught, he still held the salmon in his arms, holding on to his claws. Han Xuan planned to make it into octopus balls or sizzling takoyaki, but he didn’t eat it for a long time.
Together with the original swordfish and the big marlin that Jason was lucky enough to hit on his boat, the total was actually enough to last for a long time.
However, Zaitsev said that this big tuna has no ability to reproduce, so it doesn’t matter whether it is caught or not.
The time gradually reached early three in the afternoon.
The other sailors have all finished fishing, and the experience at noon is enough for them to digest for a long time.
At this moment, I am looking at the bluefin tuna in the sea.
After the initial struggle is over, in the rest of the time you just need to hold on to the fishing rod and occasionally deal with the resistance of the tuna, which saves a lot of effort.
Everyone on the boat tried it, and Han Xuan was no exception to the sense of power brought by this big tuna.
In “The Old Man and the Sea”, the big marlin can drag the old fisherman’s boat away, but No. BB has no such worries.
Bluefin tuna can only spin in place or swim back and forth on both sides to ensure that the fishing line does not slacken and there is no possibility of it decoupling.
The bluefin tuna that had accidentally collided with a man-eating shark and died had no tail.
After measurement, the length is 2.15 meters. Including the bitten part, it is estimated to be about 2.6 meters.
At this moment, it is hanging on an iron hook together with swordfish and large marlin. After the blood is drained, it will be temporarily stored in a cold room to prevent bacteria and parasites from multiplying.
The sky gradually turns red.
The BB went along with the ocean current and could already see the coastline of Shiqili Bay.
A total of four hours and fifty-five minutes had passed since the bluefin tuna was hooked.
Now, it has finally accepted its fate.
After struggling for half a minute, he floated on his belly and gradually sank.
When George began to reel in the line, it resurfaced.
After pulling it close, a sailor jumped into the sea, tied a chain to its tail, and then used a crane to hoist it to the deck.
A very beautiful fish, with no extraneous parts in its body and beautiful lines.
I heard that many torpedoes originally borrowed its shape.
/When Han Xuan saw it, the bluefin tuna’s mouth was still opening and closing, and it had no strength to move anymore.
/Reeves found a knife and stabbed it in from the back where its head connected to its body.
He said to Harris, who looked frightened, “It is now equivalent to a human being’s hypoxic state, and it will be more comfortable to die.”
“Well, I know the book says that sometimes cruelty can also be kind.”
After pulling out the knife.
Reeves asked someone to find something to plug the wound, and the blood was considered part of the weight.
Zaitsev hurriedly fetched a measuring tape.
The crew members suddenl