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here was not much time left for Iverson to get the ball, so he shook his head and shot a three-pointer.

here was not much time left for Iverson to get the ball, so he shook his head and shot a three-pointer.
The basketball hit the basket and came out.
Well, even though a season has passed, he still hasn’t adapted to playing this kind of ball.
O’Neal grabbed the defensive rebound.
The “pop” sound of collecting the ball is very clear.
Originally, he didn’t play much after being cut off by the Sharks in the Derby, but now he met the Nuggets insider, and he seemed quite excited.
After attacking the frontcourt, Sun Hao continued to lob the ball in.
If he keeps playing like this, O’Neal’s physical fitness will be a problem.
But it is precisely because of physical problems that O’Neal must try his best to use his advantages and play as much as possible when he is on the court.
Another back-up turn, and Haywood was good at everything but too slow to keep up.
But this is completely expected. If he still has speed, he will be equivalent to a larger Howard.
Martin’s help defense came over.
This time the timing of assisting defense was perfect. O’Neal’s shot was interfered with and missed.
/However, O’Neal is very experienced. After taking the shot, he pressed Martin. Martin couldn’t get up even if he wanted to grab the board.
O’Neal grabbed the offensive rebound into his arms, and then passed the ball to Walker in the bottom corner.
Walker’s three-point chance after receiving the ball this time was better than before. He adjusted before taking the shot.
This time Walker seized the opportunity!
15 to 8!
In the blink of an eye, the point difference has been widened to 7 points!
O’Neal scored 10 points and 1 assist!
Carl reached out and called a timeout.
O’Neal really destroyed the Nuggets inside today, and he must make some adjustments.
“Shaq, do you want to take a break?”
During the timeout, Phil Jackson looked at O’Neal.
He was worried about O’Neal’s physical exertion.
O’Neal waved his hand to indicate that he was fine. He was having fun at the moment, and of course he would not end up like this.
Phil Jackson didn’t say much. Now that he has a huge inside advantage, if he can widen the point difference as much as possible, the rest of the game will be easier to play.
When the timeout was up, perhaps out of fear that Haywood would not be able to run the tactics well, Karl pulled Haywood to explain before he came on the field.
Everyone can see that even if Haywood can’t guard O’Neal, he can obviously consume him.
So even if O’Neal is given more consumption, it will be good for the Nuggets.
Back from the timeout, the Nuggets have the ball.
Iverson started holding the ball.
Haywood pulled a high pick-and-roll, and Iverson used the pick-and-roll to break through.
Sun Hao knew that Haywood was too big to get around, so he chose to grab the position in advance.
This time Iverson didn’t completely pass him.
Two guys got to the free throw line.
Let me mention flagrant fouls again. Flagrant fouls are two free throws and one throw, but they are divided