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Along with this, the flying speed of the nine three-legged Golden Crows is also increasing. Obviously, it is the rotation speed of the shaft that drives the rotation of the nine Golden Crows.
There was no strong wind, but Yin Kuang clearly felt his cheek being scraped by something, as if he had been slapped hard by a whisk.
Drops of blood actually spattered on his cheek!
That’s right, the blood was in the shape of beads, flying slowly in front of Yin Kuang’s eyes. The blood beads are like rubies.
/Time seemed to slow down at this moment.
But then, those blood beads suddenly disappeared without a trace!
Time passed faster in an instant.
Yin Kuang suddenly felt something strange in his left hand. When he raised it, he found that his hand was covered with dead skin from unknown time, and the entire left palm turned like dry wood. But then, the dry stick-like hand changed again and turned into a baby’s hand again.
Looking up again, I saw the space in front of me flickering, as if broken lenses were flying all over the sky. He clearly saw another one standing not far away!
What a mess!
At this time, where does he have the leisure to cherish the beauty and cherish the beauty of a kiss? !
The space is messed up!
Time is messed up!
Who knew it would be such a scene! ?
“Chaos of time and space!” In the distance, Mr. Hou sighed in a low tone, “The supreme laws of ‘time’ and ‘space’ are intertwined and chaotic. Even if I fall into it, I will definitely die.” Life! At this time, the axis is the safest.” “What about
Kong Ming and the other two boys? They are in the area of ??chaotic time and space. Isn’t Chongming afraid that his wife will be torn apart?”
“Don’t underestimate it.’ Great prophecy.”
Yao Chenxing curled his lips. She was never willing to admit that her astrology was weaker than the great prophecy!
“As for the other two boys, Heng Heng, how can it be so easy?” The Marquis said lightly, “Among the many laws, the only one that can interfere with the laws of time and space is the ‘Mysterious Law’. Of the two of them, one inherits the destiny, One is to bring chaos to the world. Two people alone in chaotic time and space may die miserably, but once they stay together and create neutrality and resonance, they can interfere with the operation of the laws of time and space, and at least ensure that they are not dead. .”
The so-called “mysterious law” is a professional term such as “fate” and “luck”.
Yao Chenxing’s eyes flickered and he said: “If these two carriers of ‘mysterious laws’ are fused together, I don’t know what kind of effect it will have.”
At this moment, a “rumbling” sound was heard.
It turns out that the rotation speed of the shaft has reached a very fast level. Looking from a distance, you can see something like a vague airflow rotating around an axis, or cracks with weird colors everywhere. As you can imagine, the laws of time and space have become even more chaotic.
Guaguagua! !
In the distance, nine golden crows orbiting the sun suddenly screamed in unison.