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ll would bring Marion over.

ll would bring Marion over.
Marion’s defensive ability, even at the end of his peak, will not be much weaker than Ariza.
Sun Hao, this is a one-on-one opportunity with Ariza at the top of the key!
There was a burst of cheers at the scene.
In the previous round, they had no chance to find out whether Ariza could guard Sun Hao, but now they will soon find out!
Sun Hao glanced at Ariza.
Ariza is obviously a little guilty.
Like everyone else, before Sun Hao retired, he was only exposed.
So even though Sun Hao had just come back, he still felt unsure.
“Trevor, let me see your defensive progress in the past two years!”
Then, Sun Hao said something to Ariza before starting the attack.
Well, it can also be understood as a trash talk.
Then, before Ariza could come to his senses, Sun Hao jumped out and broke out!
Damn it, brother, you don’t have martial ethics!
Ariza reacted too late, and Sun Hao quickly broke through to the inside.
Hibbert was big but slow in movement. He moved towards Sun Hao to defend, but when Sun Hao pushed the ball to Biedlins under the basket, he could no longer get back.
But Biedrins actually got a buttery hand!
Fortunately, Landry was active enough to grab the offensive rebound and score a second tip-in!
Just after this scene, a very interesting scene occurred on the court. Biedrins immediately indicated that it was his fault, and then apologized to Sun Hao!
Sorry, I just wasted one of your assists!
Sun Hao was inexplicably moved.
But now, not only Durant, not only young people like Landry, old people like Biedlins are also doing this!
Where there is comparison, there is contrast. He now feels that if he continues to play like this, staying with the Warriors may not be an option!
At this time, in an apartment in Auckland, the man with the logo showed a wise smile.
Do you think I really just asked you to come and play football with me for half a year?
Only the elderly can see through the human heart!
Talking back to the game, after the Lakers advanced to the frontcourt, Diaw began to organize with the ball in the high post.
This all-around small forward has grown in weight and has begun to become a standard power forward.
But what remains unchanged is his passing skills.
A beautiful hit to the ground without looking at anyone, and the ball was firmly delivered to Carter who was cutting through the air.
Carter leaped up and hit Biedrins directly into the basket!
UFO takes off again!
Although the starting strength of this Lakers team is much worse than before, its depth of substitutes is stronger than before.
In other words, their overall strength is not as weak as imagined!
21 to 14!
Still a 7-point difference.
The situation on the court is still inextricable.
At this time, the two sides continued to rotate. Only Carter was left in the starting lineup on the Lakers’ side, and only Sun Hao was left on the Warriors’ side.
/This time without Durant directing traffic, Sun Hao finally gave the ball to Maggette and stood aside to take a