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two options, one is to conduct a strict investigation; the other is to rely on your superpowers. The

two options, one is to conduct a strict investigation; the other is to rely on your superpowers. The
clarity of this light gate has weakened a bit compared to before, which means that its existence has a certain time limit, so We certainly can’t afford to wait for the time consumed by rigorous investigation.
This leaves only one choice, your powerful superpowers, but the island behind the light door does not actually exist on the earth or any ‘world’, but is free. In the subspace, no one knows what the consequences will be if abnormal power fluctuations occur in it…” ”
Dr. Fu, does this light gate mean anything to you? You seem to be in a hurry to get in?” A feeling of uneasiness and impulsiveness made people Duan Lianbao interrupted Zhang Lisheng abruptly and asked coldly.
“Of course it makes sense. It may be the most valuable research object in my life. You are not a scientist, so it is difficult to imagine the importance of a rare material to us.” Zhang Lisheng said seriously: “I am not targeting you. What you said, Mr. Director, is just to explain my position and views from an objective perspective.” The
young man’s words made Duan Lianbao speechless for a moment. Guo Caiying on the side saw that Zhang Lisheng was obviously messing around, but he justified himself and blocked the Taoist true story, and took the opportunity to say: “Okay, Duan Chu, Dr. Fu, time is running out, so don’t argue anymore.
I’ve thought about it, and the best way to have both ends is to have comrades from the Religious Affairs Bureau and experts go into the secret realm together. If there is really danger, try to use it.” Solve it in a physical way.
Everyone should be divided into groups and immediately…”
“Guo Si, this, this is not…” Obviously when there is no conflict of principles, the red lady should obey her orders respectfully, but deep down in her heart An inexplicable irritation made Duan Lianbao interrupt Guo Caiying uncharacteristically.
/Seeing that he was so abnormal, the true disciple of Big Er, who had been helping and benefiting the Taoist sect for thousands of years, stepped in front of Duan Lianbao, clasped his hands and said, “Guo Si, you have thought carefully. This is the best of both worlds.” Policy.”
“Okay, then our comrades from the Religious Affairs Bureau will quickly decide who will enter the secret realm and who will stay.” Guo Caiying nodded with satisfaction and ordered.
Three to five minutes later, the people who stayed in the woodland and entered the light gate were grouped into groups.
This thing seems a bit absurd. Just now, I was obviously worried about the safety of the experts and argued with reason, but in the blink of an eye, my absolute strength was left outside the secret realm.
But everyone in the expedition team took it for granted. Only Zhang Lisheng, after learning about the personnel allocation, looked at Guo Caiying with a strange expression and said with a curl of his lips: “Miss Guo, after Director Duan just showed some humanistic care for scientists, , this g