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its on it, which are a bit like durian, but not as spiny and larger than durian.

its on it, which are a bit like durian, but not as spiny and larger than durian.
This fruit is called jackfruit, which is two completely different fruits from pineapple.
He came here specifically for this purpose. He just heard from his father that the jackfruit was ripe, and he wanted to pick one and take it home to try.
People who are not used to eating it will find it unpalatable, but if you like it, you will never forget the aroma of jackfruit.
Han Xuan likes to eat jackfruit very much. He asked Miller at this moment: “Are these ripe?”
Seeing Mr. Miller nodding, he then said to Owen: “Pick a big one for me. I want to take it away.”
He heard that he had picked it. Finally, it will taste better after being left for a while.
/Before I knew it, that big jackfruit had been lying on the kitchen table for four days.
The tense fruit harvest season has only come to an end today. Crops such as rice and wheat are fine if they are left in the fields for two or three days after they mature, but fruits are not.
Nearly two thousand workers have been working from dawn to dusk these days, and finally they are almost all finished. The SOS Group’s logistics network across the country is sending the fruits to the United States and even around the world, and people can already buy and taste them.
Han Xuan also sent some of the most high-end fruits produced at home to his acquaintances and friends. The Queen of England, the President of France, President Clinton and others received the gifts and called him to express their gratitude.
Unlike Han Xuan, who left the company’s affairs to professional managers from the beginning, the old man likes to do business by himself. He left this morning on a Gulfstream private business jet after his vacation. There are many things to be busy with.
At this moment, Han Xuan is accompanying Dad and the others herd sheep.
During this season, there is no need to drive cattle and sheep back to the pen every day, and they can be allowed to move freely at night when the weather is clear.
During the day, cowboys need to drive cattle and sheep to areas with lush pasture to prevent them from eating the leaves and continuing to chew the grass roots.
Sitting on horseback, shouting with long whips, a large herd of white Merino sheep walked slowly in front of them.
Cowboys spend most of their time with these cattle and sheep. They cannot speak, so they usually find friends to accompany them to pass the boring time during herding.
At this moment, Anderson complained: “My wife actually wants to move to Great Falls. She must be crazy to ask me to change my career. Besides being a cowboy, what else can I do? What I learned in school. , can only be used in agriculture and animal husbandry. I don’t want to give up such a well-paid career and go to Great Falls to help serve dishes or clean the sewers!”
Han Xuan rode on his horse and curiously asked Anderson: “Why would she want to move? When you arrived in Great Falls, you felt it was boring, so you didn’t like it?” ”
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