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ainly beef, fish and other foods – once a human eats the food that becomes a marionette, he will also transform into a marionette, as if he has encountered Intense pollution.

“Reorganization” embodies the authority in the “change” field, “Secret Realm” focuses on the “secret” field, and both elements of the “Fool” symbol are already in place… However, “reorganization” and “tampering” are not good enough. , the meaning is not clear enough, it is better to choose “grafting”, which is clear at a glance… Klein muttered a few words in his heart, and then looked around.
/Now that he has further controlled the “Origin Castle”, he can directly borrow the ability of the “Soothsayer” path to get close to the sequence 0 position, and can also use most of the abilities below the “sequence 0” path of the “thief” path and the “apprentice” path. The extraordinary ability is similar to that of the original “Dark Angel” Saslier.
As for strength, he is theoretically stronger, but his strength is affected by too many factors. Klein, who has only been on the extraordinary path for a few years, has no guarantee that he will be able to defeat the former Vice Lord of Heaven and the Left Hand of God.
In short, he is now considered the King of Angels among the Kings of Angels, very close to the level of a true god.
“After I have further mastered the ‘Source Castle’, the differences between me here and the outside world have almost disappeared. I will not be the King of Angels in the outside world, and I will be the true god when I return to the ‘Source Castle’… The biggest thing here The advantage is that it provides a defensive barrier that even the true gods cannot break. Well, it is still unclear whether the outer gods can do it…” Klein slowly exhaled and turned his attention to the current situation.
There are two things he is most worried about right now:
One is the “Primordial Moon”, also known as the “Fallen Mother Goddess”. Although she failed to fully descend into the real world with the help of Mr. Door’s return, she also had some intrusive power, and under the attack of the five true gods such as Night and Steam, , sustained for several seconds, it remains to be seen whether this will have some impact on the surrounding environment, corresponding pathways, and some things.
The second is that “Angel of Time” Amon has stolen Mr. “Gate”‘s ritual and has become the Sequence 0 “error” of the “Stealer” path. He will be Klein’s most direct and most powerful enemy.
“I wonder if Amon can accommodate Mr. Gate’s uniqueness and a copy of the Sequence 1 ‘Star Key’ extraordinary characteristics. If he has completed this step, then he will be the most powerful true god in the real world. Well, no Do you know how it compares to the ‘Night Goddess’? No one knows to what extent the goddess tolerates the uniqueness of the ‘God of Death’ path and the uniqueness of the ‘God of War’ path.
“Normally speaking, Amon should not have time to accommodate the uniqueness of the ‘Apprentice’ path. Although the return of Mr. ‘Gate’ is equivalent