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he scepter did not tell him what the most correct thing to do was, everything still relied on his thinking and judgment.

he scepter did not tell him what the most correct thing to do was, everything still relied on his thinking and judgment.
Time passed minute by minute, and the sky slowly became brighter.
Two drones patrolled the surroundings at an altitude of more than 100 meters, transmitting the situation within a few kilometers around them from time to time back to the Land Rover in the armored vehicle. There was nothing but snow within a few kilometers, and not a single snow-spotted zombie was seen, let alone such a large group of corpses.
Land Rover didn’t quite understand why it suddenly accepted such an important task, but it was obviously a very good opportunity to perform. The team must be guarded and no mistakes could be made.
“Everything is normal, there are still no corpses found in the drone.” Land Rover once again informed Liu Qian of the situation of the convoy.
“Alert! Alert! A large number of enemies appear in the sky! They are approaching the convoy!” At this moment, the female staff member on the side shouted at the top of her lungs.
Land Rover quickly looked at the video feed from the drone on the screen in front of the female staff member, but what he saw was a bloody mouth. Two drones lost contact with the armored vehicle one after another!
“They all jumped down from high altitude! They should be visible in the field of vision!” The female staff member quickly adjusted the screen to the view of the helmet of the clone trooper guarding outside the armored vehicle, and ordered the clone trooper to raise his head and look. Sky.
The target in the sky is indeed visible! Almost directly above the head, dozens of giant bat monsters driven by pure white zombies screamed and rushed to the ground. Several clone soldiers who were following the guard outside the convoy quickly raised their guns and fired. Energy bullets were poured towards the giant bat monster in the air.
But this giant bat monster’s body is like a layer of energy armor. The energy bullets only spatter bursts of fire and do not cause any harm to them!
/The same goes for the pure white zombies riding on their backs. Energy bullets are also unable to cause damage to them. It is obvious that they are advanced zombies one level higher than the snow-spotted zombies on the ground. They must have more powerful weapons to be effective. Kill them!
A giant bat monster swooped down from the air under the control of a pure white zombie. Its two sharp claws grabbed a clone soldier on the ground like an eagle pouncing on food. The clone soldier had no way to hide and was caught directly. Flying up.
After the giant bat monster grabbed the clone soldier, it immediately flapped a pair of huge flesh wings and flew high into the sky. After flying more than a hundred meters, it released a pair of sharp claws and threw the clone soldier down.
The clone trooper let out a shrill scream and fell straight down from a height of a hundred meters, hitting the snowy ground below. The body twitched a few times and then lay there motionless.
“Retreat! Retreat!