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“Aunt Nawen, you are busy, I will take her there!”

“Xiaoyu, I didn’t talk to you.”
“All right……”
I haven’t been to the leisure club for a while, and the entire space was filled with dust. Xiao Yu started cleaning quickly as soon as he entered the room.
/Zhao Song didn’t stop her, looked at the entire space carefully, and after thinking for a while, he said to Xiao Yu: “Little girl, go back after cleaning, keep the keys, come and go as you like this week, just Treat it like a public toilet!”
“Isn’t it funny?”
“Okay, brother is going shopping. Try to open the door in a week. Remember to go to Aunt Wen tomorrow to get a meal card. The 1,000 yuan is collected!”
At the West Thirteenth Banner second-hand market, Zhao Song, after shopping for a long time, finally found a set of 5.1-channel Kenwood passive speakers among a pile of second-hand speakers. They were originally imported from RB five years ago. The asking price was RMB 3,000. Zhao Song did not counter-offer. , just asked the boss to write a receipt. This brand will no longer be found in the future. Zhao Song is interested in its amplifier that can use a computer as a sound source.
It was already afternoon when we found a cart to pull the goods to Zhonghai Market. Zhao Li and Yuanyuan had a passionate kiss.
Yuanyuan said: “Brother, Uncle Lu’s child is having a birthday tonight and he wants to treat us to dinner.”
“Who is Uncle Lu?”
“My second uncle’s friend, a partner!”
“If you don’t go, you’d better not go. These guys are starting to speculate on memory again.”
“Second uncle told me to go because Ming Ji’s agent was captured with the help of Uncle Lu.”
Zhao Song thought for a moment, “Take the Casio we bought that day with me. I was afraid that my second uncle wouldn’t be able to come to Taiwan. Yuanyuan, it’s not easy to cherish Taiwan if money comes easily. Hold on, this is just the beginning, and the future is very bright.” long.”
Yuanyuan pouted and nodded absently. Zhao Song looked at her and wanted to say something more, but gave up.
This girl has improved again and is now dressed like a KTV princess.
When I came to Jiaming Technology, I said hello to San Zhao, and I set up my computer and used it as a sound source in the leisure club, and also used it for the little mute to study.
Zhao Song, a good-for-nothing man in his previous life, couldn’t think of any other way for a girl to make a living besides being pretty and making money on Douyin, so he had no choice but to give her a computer. This was already the second computer he had given.
Zhao Xin finally had time to flirt with the girl next door recently. He looked at the busy Zhao Song and said, “Why do you talk so little today?”
“There’s something on my mind.”
“Don’t say it! Let me be happy for a while.”
“Brother Zhao Xin.” Zhao Song was helpless. Under his influence, Zhao Xin also came up with novel sentences from time to time.
Zhao Xin suddenly said: “I’ll leave next month and go to Hainiao as the general agent. Zhao Dou will stay as