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lly early!” Zhao Song didn’t even look at Qi Dongqiang’s unhappy face, and continued: “My Tes La is delivering goods from morning to night!”

lly early!” Zhao Song didn’t even look at Qi Dongqiang’s unhappy face, and continued: “My Tes La is delivering goods from morning to night!”
“Pfft…” Dong Qiang’s girlfriend Xiao Xi couldn’t help but smile. She knew about their grudges, but they felt an inexplicable sense of joy when they were together today.
Seeing both of them looking at her, Xiaoxi quickly hid aside and started to eat melon seeds.
“What’s the matter?” Qi Dongqiang asked.
“Get some optical drives.”
Qi Dongqiang nodded without surprise, “Model, quantity, let me see what price I can quote you.”
“8xDVD and 44X CD-ROM, half each, as long as it is a first-tier brand with a one-year warranty. As for the quantity…” Zhao Song lowered his head and thought for a moment before continuing: “Well, the specific number needs to be confirmed by our purchasing department, which will be done soon. During the peak season at the end of the year, I think the number should be no less than 100,000!”
“How much?” Qi Dongqiang looked at Zhao Song in shock. In less than two months before the Chinese New Year, Tesla can sell 100,000 consoles? Tesla is not a fantasy just yet.
“Not less than 100,000!” Zhao Song knew Qi Dongqiang’s thoughts and nodded affirmatively, “If you can’t sell it, sell it next year!”
“How can I pay for the goods?”
/“It’s up to you.” Zhao Song said in a pretentious manner.
Qi Dongqiang looked at Zhao Song, and Zhao Song looked at Qi Dongqiang.
“I tried the rumbus memory. The 600 bus, dual channel, is very strong!”
“I hope Pengcheng will always sell it so cheaply!”
“People want Tesla to die quickly. When the time comes, it’s not up to him to say how much it will sell. Forget it!”
Zhao Song shrugged and said nothing.
“I roughly calculated the contract between Tesla and Elpida. It should be worth one billion, right?”
Zhao Song raised his hands.
Qi Dongqiang suddenly suppressed his blush, and stared at him dumbfounded for a while, then waved weakly, “Just like the five major distributors, you can rest assured that the price will definitely not be higher than the five major distributors!”
Zhao Song bowed his hands after hearing this: ” Thanks, Brother Qiang!”
Qi Dongqiang nodded, “The advertising is very good. If the price of the USB flash drive can be reduced, and with your TPOD, you may be able to survive this test.”
“Brother Qiang, who loses? Winning is not guaranteed. One last reminder, the price of PC133 memory will increase in the afternoon. ”

Shangdao Cafe not far from Zhonghai Electronics Market.
Fu Jianxing took a sip of coffee, and then wanted to look at Huangfu Ming opposite him again.
“Tesla’s USB flash drive patented technology is now a typical example. If you allow unauthorized products to be sold on the market, who will be slapped in the face? Mr. Huangfu doesn’t know, right?”
Huangfu said with a red face. : “But 30 million is too expensive. If it is a one-time licensing fee”
“This is the settlement fee!” Fu Jianxing interrupted him, “Let’s talk about the licensing fee later!”