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kind of water column shooting over is more like thin ice, and it is not very lethal because it is just getting wet in the rain instead of entering the river.

kind of water column shooting over is more like thin ice, and it is not very lethal because it is just getting wet in the rain instead of entering the river.
Fatty and Brother Jun walked quickly to the rear. This time was not enough for them to dig a new hole, and they did not have many tools at hand. But that’s all I can do now. One more minute I can hold on is one more minute.
Backing along the creek, I uttered provocative words from time to time, trying to lure him further away from the creek. However, this guy clearly ran out of patience after chasing me for a few minutes. And I know that without the river, its power cannot be exerted to its maximum. So I started to retreat, actually wanting to go back to the river first.
Cunning beast! His head works pretty well. If he is allowed to return to the river, he can recuperate for a few days. Then there is a big question mark as to whether we can capture it.
There needs to be a way to bring it back.
When I was thinking about it, I thought of the small black pebble I put in my pocket. It was for this pebble that the black demon chased the gray wolf. This thing must be very important to it!
“Hey, big guy! Is this what you want?”
/I lifted the black stone. Even in the dark night with lightning and thunder, the light on the stone could still be seen clearly.
The two-faced strange dog suddenly turned its head and bared its fangs at me. Black energy surged in crazily. In the critical situation, I took a few steps back, but still laughed and taunted: “You want this, don’t you? Come and kill me if you want, come on!”
The effect of the provoking method is surprisingly good! The guy started running toward the woods. It was getting further and further away from the creek and that was exactly what I wanted.
The heavy rain had completely wet my hair and clothes, and I looked very embarrassed. I was panting, and my high concentration and the muddy and difficult ground were all consuming my energy. Walking in the mud took far more effort than walking on a flat road, not to mention that I had to keep running at a trot. It chased me, but the black energy could never attack me. Its roar was full of dissatisfaction and restlessness.
I heard the fat man’s shout suddenly coming from the other side of the forest. When I looked back, I saw the light of a flashlight swaying in the dark forest. They had obviously arranged it, and I slowly walked towards the direction of the flashlight’s light source.
The thunderstorm finally stopped, the rumbling thunder quieted down, and I ran back panting. I have already seen Fatty and Brother Jun. They are standing next to a big tree, with fishing nets and a layer of soil spread on the ground.
The fat man was waving at me, gesturing for me to lead the black demon over.
“I’m coming!”
I stretched out my hand and shouted, running forward. However, the muddy land that I usually didn’t care about became a stumbling block for me at this time. Perhaps due to excessive physical exertion, or because I was really not