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er and you can cast a spell to catch my soul.”

er and you can cast a spell to catch my soul.”
Lao Ma nodded immediately and made preparations with a squeeze of his hand.
The old woman walked step by step, getting closer and closer to the other party. No matter how much Tang Yuyan shouted, it seemed that she could not move the old woman. She was almost desperate and the old woman was determined to leave, even making it impossible for Tang Yuyan to take back her body.
Getting closer and closer, of course Lao Ma didn’t have a good idea. He didn’t really care about the old woman. But if you can get the old woman’s soul and take possession of the soul that has lasted for hundreds of years, it may be of great use in the future.
Just as the two sides slowly approached each other, Lao Ma had already started chanting spells and casting spells. At this moment, the old woman’s hand movements suddenly changed. A palm hit the opponent’s chest. The palm force was strong and the spiritual energy contained in the palm was strong. In just an instant, Lao Ma’s chest was bulged out.
/“Pfft!” The old horse spurted blood from the pain and looked at the old woman in front of him in surprise.
“Haha, you didn’t have a good reputation in the past. You were a well-known liar among our ancestors. Do you really think I will believe you? Do you think you can help me find a good body? Besides, this body is originally Mine, I can get it back sooner or later, but I still need to be like a lonely ghost whose body and soul cannot be integrated into one?” The old woman grabbed the old horse’s collar and shouted, then raised her right hand and her nails grew five to six centimeters like razors. As sharp. Just as he was about to tear open Lao Ma’s chest, he was caught by Lao Ma with his backhand at this moment.
“You want to kill me so easily? Are you dreaming!” Although Lao Ma was injured, his fighting strength was not reduced. The hand holding the old woman slowly turned black, and soon turned into a piece of iron. Seeing that the situation was not good, the old woman immediately wanted to withdraw her hand, but it was too late. The other party’s big black hands were like a vise, and they would not let go at all.
“Drink!” Lao Ma shouted violently and stamped his right foot on the ground. A huge hole opened up in the ground under their feet.The two parties instantly sank into the hole and disappeared from the sight of others.
The old woman and the old horse got off the ground here, while the fat man and the big man were fighting not far away. There were still two ancestors standing in front of them. The one who had awakened from Daheishan looked at Yuan Feng and Luo Qiong in front of him gloomily. The figure flashed and rushed towards Yuan Feng at extremely fast speed. He was good at sneak attacks and his attacks were ruthless. Yuan Feng relied on goblins to fight. But it’s not good when it comes to fighting at such close range. However, she showed no fear and didn’t even move her eyelids. Because the moment the opponent’s claws fell in front of her, a hand suddenly stretched out and