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ilitary will not abandon the cradle of talents in the Drow Armored University.

ilitary will not abandon the cradle of talents in the Drow Armored University.
“Liu Fei.” Li Meng’s eyes fell on Liu Fei.
“You decide.”
Liu Fei just nodded without giving his own opinion. Xiao Qiangguang Nao had already calculated that the possibility of the army rescuing Drow Mecha University had been reduced to one in ten thousand. However, he could not put it down. If this secret is revealed, if people know that the army will not come to rescue the Drow Mecha University, the entire Drow Mecha University will immediately fall into complete collapse.
“What are we going to do now?” Li Meng’s eyes shone with excitement. He had a premonition, a strong premonition, that he would do something earth-shattering and Huniu would return to his arms.
“First, let the school cooperate.”
Seeing Liu Fei and Li Meng agree, Shu Rou took a long breath.
/“The principal of the school?” Li Meng asked.
“Yes, although the school is weak now, this is the Drow Mecha University, and the school’s presence can be justified. From a legal point of view…”
“Hey, I understand, it is to hold the emperor hostage to order the princes.” Li Meng said with a look on his face. He chuckled treacherously.
“Theoretically yes.” Shu Rou couldn’t help but take a deep look at Li Meng, and discovered for the first time that this rough-looking guy had a very delicate mind.
“Okay, that’s it. Where can I find the principal?” Li Meng asked. .
“This is a problem. Only Buildings 1 and 2 in the school are military restricted areas. Building No. 2 is only open to the lobby. The upstairs and downstairs are still directly controlled by the school’s master optical brain. If it weren’t for We can’t enter even if we have authorization, so this place is safe. We are not only looking for the principal’s problem, but also inviting the principal here. Only here can we not cause attacks from other forces.” Shu Rou said worriedly. .
“Where is the principal?”
“The principal’s office in Building No. 17.”
“Ah” Li Meng couldn’t open his mouth from ear to ear. He also attended Drow Mecha University, so he naturally knew about Buildings No. 2 and Building No. 17. How far is the distance.
If you look at it on a map, Building 2 to Building 17 span almost the entire Drow Mecha University, with a distance of at least five kilometers.
The short distance from the library to Building 2 is full of dangers. It spans a distance of five kilometers, and bringing the principal here is undoubtedly an extremely difficult task.
“Distance is not a problem. Behind Building 2 is a long and narrow lake that winds all the way to Building 17. If you find a vehicle to ride on the lake, you should have no problem getting to the principal’s office at night. Moreover, according to the data, There are no records of aliens operating on the water.
“Yes, that’s a good idea,” Li Meng nodded.
“The problem of getting to Building 17 is not big, the key is Xiao Fengyun.” Shu Rou looked worried.
“Master Feng?!” Li Meng’s leopard eyes shot out with fierce light.
“Yes, three days