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But the combat effectiveness of the deep sea elements in the deep sea is very terrifying. In the deep sea, their speed is very fast, much faster than on the surface of the sea. They are the guards of the royal family of the sea family and the warriors of the sea family.
Most importantly, after the deep water elements appear on the surface of the sea, their combat effectiveness will plummet, and their bodies will also have negative effects.
Without a terrible crisis that cannot be avoided, even the crisis of extinction of the ethnic group, it is absolutely impossible for these deep sea elements to collectively approach the coast.
That thick cow leg instantly appeared in Lin Yun’s mind. Apart from that cow thigh, no other power could force the deep sea elements to this point and allow them to escape.
Damn, even though that beef thigh is far away from the head, it must have the soul of gods and demons inside it. Will it bully a group of deep sea elements?
It’s absolutely impossible. Even if there is only one fragment of the soul of the gods and demons left, and my IQ plummets to nothing, I will not be so bored that I go to the deep sea to bully these deep sea water elements.
What’s going on? Are there any terrifying giant beasts fighting to the death in the deep sea?
Confused in his heart, Lin Yun stopped flying and floated in the sky using the magic energy array to capture the breath. However, he did not capture any special breath, only chaos. The deeper into the inland sea, the more chaotic it became.
“Little fat man, has that cow hoof ever appeared in this inland sea?”
The little fat man did not hesitate this time and shook his head.
“I haven’t heard from the clan leader that that scary cow’s hoof only appears once in a long time, but the clan leader said don’t worry about that thing and just don’t get close.”
Lin Yun frowned.
“Are you sure? We have signed a contract now. If I die, you will die too.”
With his own life at stake, the little fat man hesitated immediately.
“I don’t know either.”
Lin Yun shook his head, fell from the sky towards the sea, held up a water shield, and dived under the sea.
/Dive under the sea surface, and you will see an even more spectacular scene. All the creatures under the sea surface, countless swimming fish, and huge sea beasts, are all like those deep water elements, moving crazily towards the coastline.
Continuing to dive into the deep sea, I encountered a lot less marine life, but there were more and more deep-sea monsters. I even saw a few four-armed Nagas heading towards the coastline with the large army.
Continuing to dive into the deep sea, the light slowly dissipated, leaving only darkness. This darkness did not have much effect on Lin Yun, so Lin Yun continued to dive.
When you dive three or four thousand meters down, the violent fluctuations of the sea water become smaller and smaller, and the deeper you go, the quieter it becomes.
After diving to the bottom of tens of thousands of meters, it is a very quiet world. The flow of s