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the count wants to see you for something.”

Audrey let the black gauze glove sit on the table, stood up directly, came to the door, and opened the door.
/Earl Hall, who was not wearing a coat at home, just a shirt and vest, touched his beautiful mustache and said with a smile:
“Are you not ready yet? We will return to Backlund later.
“Tomorrow night is your 18th birthday party.”
While speaking, Earl Hall glanced at the maid Anne and others, causing them to consciously withdraw a distance.
Earl Hall looked at his daughter and asked with a smile:
“Have you figured out how to use that item?”
Audrey smiled and said:
“I’m going to fold it up and put it in a little bag for Susie to carry.”
In this way, because it is not worn or used, Susie will not act chaotically, and its dark psychological problems can be comforted and treated by Audrey. More importantly, without the increase of “lie”, Susie, who is also a “psychiatrist” herself, can also examine herself and adjust her mental state from time to time.
Earl Hall was stunned for a moment, then smiled and praised:
“Clever approach.”
Audrey felt proud for a moment, but on the surface she said quite reservedly:
“I’m going to name it Hands of Fear.
“Dear Count, thank you for your birthday gift”
And after a few more days, I can prepare the magic potion and try to get promoted. Audrey added happily in her heart.
Sunday night, 160 Burklund Street.
Klein stood on the balcony, looking at the street scene outside through the gap in the curtain, feeling uncontrollably a little nervous.
If nothing unexpected happens, he will start stealing the Antigonus family notes later.
Ever since he had used the help of “Queen of Mysteries” Bernadette to put his marionette in a corroded state, and figured out the rotation rules of the internal watchers by regularly going to church to pray, listen to scriptures, and make donations, Klein stole the plan. There is only one thing left to prepare.
That’s how to replace the target quietly and unnoticed
According to Klein’s understanding, those internal watchers will go underground at dawn. At this time, the church has not yet opened. If you want to sneak in directly, you must risk being discovered by a demigod like the Archbishop of Backlund. , it can be said that there is basically no possibility of success.
Therefore, Klein’s plan was to sneak into the church one day in advance and wait patiently for the opportunity.
There is no doubt that this requires enough disguise, but it is not difficult for the “faceless man”.
After a period of observation, Klein discovered that the church also held a high mass on Sunday nights, because Sunday and night were symbols of the goddess.
After the high mass, the servants will be busy for a while, cleaning up the garbage and other debris outside.
Klein’s plan was to seize this opportunity, quietly knock out a servant, disguise himself as him, enter the church, and sleep in the servants’ room.
To this end, he had purchased a sleeping potion in advance from “Moon” Emlyn in a dose