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ly came up with an idea:

Find something for Amon to do to attract his attention
As for what it is, of course it is something that He cannot resist and will never be uninterested in. For example, the angel of the “Stealer” path, Pales Zoroaster
This may be the key to Amon’s ability to become a Sequence 0 True God, and it is more important than finding an organization that believes in “The Fool”.
Of course, Klein will not directly betray Leonard’s grandfather, because the other party has not shown any malicious intent so far.
If the old man still has no way to deal with Amon, who is probably just a clone, and can only let Leonard use the mission as an excuse to leave Backlund and avoid Amon, then I will also go to West Balang in advance and say The idea was to rebuild the relationship network, wait until “Snake of Destiny” Will Ascetin was born, and then quietly send him back to collect the umbilical cord blood. Klein suddenly made a decision, pulled out a piece of letter paper, and wrote:
“Amon has arrived.”
After folding the letter paper and putting it into the envelope, Klein took out the Adventurer harmonica, brought it to his mouth, and blew hard.
At the same time that Renette Tinichole appeared, he took out a gold coin from his pocket and pressed it on the letter.
This was one of the ten gold coins he asked his valet Richardson to exchange for in the afternoon. In order to maintain the image of Dwayne Dantès and Pales Zoroastrian on the same level, Klein told Leonard M When Chel’s contact information was provided, he did not say that a gold coin was required to receive and send letters.
It can be seen from this that Klein, whose face is bought with money, sighed and said to the messenger lady wearing a gloomy and complicated long dress:
“Send the letter to No. 7 Pinster Street. Well, put it directly into the mailbox without giving it to the recipient.”
Since he did not know the true intentions and character of Pales Zoroastrian, Klein hoped to hide more trump cards from him. Therefore, before Leonard took the initiative to write a letter to Klein Moretti, he did not plan to Let the poet classmate meet the messenger directly.
The blond head with red eyes held by Renette Tinichole in her left hand raised, and she half sucked and half bit the envelope and gold coins in her mouth. However, she did not disappear immediately, but floated in place with eight eyes. At the same time, he looked at Klein, silently.
What’s going on? Klein was stunned for a second, then made a guess and asked with a strange expression:
“You don’t know where 7 Pinster Street is”
/Only then did he remember that the messenger relies on mystical positioning to deliver the letter, which is the positioning of the contractor and the aura of the previous sender. Therefore, once the latter moves beyond the sensing range, the messenger cannot be found.
/Upon hearing Klein’s question, Renette Tinichole nodded her four heads at the same time, expressing that she really didn’t know.
Klein coughed twice, opened the drawer, and found a m