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and down, with the number facing up, indicating negation.

This means that the episode just now will not cause any harm to Klein.
Really, this messenger is not polite at all now. Unlike before, he would pat the shoulder, push down, give a warning in advance, or directly turn the surrounding into the spirit world to prevent ordinary people from seeing him. Klein cursed and took out the The key opened the door.
He sat on the edge of the low bed, lit the half-burned candle, and opened Mr. Azik’s reply.
Pulling out the items inside, the first thing that caught his eye was the “Black Emperor” card.
/Looking at that unpleasant face, Klein could breathe a sigh of relief and let go of his worries.
What he was afraid of was not that Mr. Azik would not return him. He still had some trust. After all, the potion formula and corresponding rituals could be copied. Only the characteristics of the polymerization effect with high-level materials could not be imitated. And this was obviously not Azik. The path it is in is not replaceable, and the boss has no need for it.
What Klein is worried about is that the messenger will be robbed and lose this blasphemous card that is very helpful to his spiritual state.
This is not impossible. There are countless strange creatures in the spiritual world, and it is not too difficult to understand that there are a few guys who like to rob messengers and are good at locating.
Also returned together with the “Black Emperor” card was the bronze whistle from a member of the Spiritual Religion.
Putting away these two items for the time being, Klein unfolded the high-quality letter paper and read Azik’s reply:
/“The card depicting the Black Emperor reminded me of some images. There is the Blood Emperor, who is as tall as a mountain and wearing a bright red cloak. His eyes are extremely crazy, almost irrational, and he is on the verge of losing control. There is the real Black Emperor who has returned from resurrection. The Emperor, sitting on a huge throne, looked down at everything on the earth.
“I looked up at them and was glanced at by the Blood Emperor, so I lost consciousness.
“I should have participated in the battle of the four emperors to some extent, but the specific details still need to be recalled. Perhaps it was the trauma of that encounter that caused me to lose my memory again and again, and kept dying and waking up again.
“I wasn’t too touched by the legend of the Death’s Treasure in the Raging Sea. Maybe when I take a boat to the Southern Continent and pass through that ocean, I will have a certain feeling and be attracted by nature.
“The experience of the owner of the bronze whistle was very similar to the ritual of the undead, but there were obvious differences. I felt the evil aura and signs of danger, and I believed that the owner of the bronze whistle was in some strange and terrifying state.
“You’d better not blow that copper whistle and drive the messenger. This will bring great danger. Wait until I completely recover my memory and figure out what that experience mea