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say it’s okay to have friends. When it comes to your sons’ marriage, you can’t just make promises! “

Hudson ordered with a smile.
I’m speechless when I think about it. Of my two sons, the eldest has not yet enlightened, and the younger has just been weaned, and yet they are being targeted.
Not only the nobles in the country were eager to give it a try, but even the great nobles in the Principality of Moxi who had daughters of suitable age began to pay attention to them.
There is no doubt that this is infinitely optimistic about Hudson. I feel that a simple friendship is unreliable and I want to get married directly.
The second son’s personal problem is actually not too big. Everyone’s real goal is the eldest son.
Due to political considerations, Franz actually had few options for marriage. As long as Caesar IV gave birth to a daughter, no one else would have anything to do with it.
If the king does not have a daughter, the daughters and granddaughters of the princes in the royal family can also take over as long as they are of the right age.
Other options do not exist. For strategic security reasons, the royal family must also expand its influence within the Koslow family.
The most effective and least likely to cause backlash is naturally political marriage.
Members of the Koslow family also want to close their relationship with the royal family and consolidate their hard-won status as a great noble.
After all, this is a world that advocates bloodline theory. The Koslow family is very lacking in this aspect. If you want to brag outside, you can’t find a more awesome ancestor than Hudson.
“Don’t worry, I have also received the education of a noble lady. I still know what I can and cannot agree to.
Without talking about these topics, the Calculate Time Auction is about to start. This is not a welcome banquet specially prepared for us. If you don’t go there, you will miss it! ”
Melissa replied with an annoyed look on her face.
/Deep down in her heart, she couldn’t help but secretly wonder where she had lost her sense of proportion and let her husband repeatedly warn her.
“I have already obtained the list at the auction. There are indeed some good treasures, but unfortunately they don’t mean much to us.
This auction attracted a lot of old people, all of whom had very sharp eyesight and couldn’t pick anything up.
In the past, I just watched the excitement. It didn’t matter whether it was earlier or later! ”
He said it wasn’t important, but Hudson still picked up Melissa and got on the dragon’s back. It is human nature to eat melons and watch the excitement, and there is no distinction between high and low status.
Under the banner of Master Kaimboy, the scene is destined to be huge. If there are not enough auction items, it will not be able to sustain the venue.
What’s more, an auction of this level will also attract a group of grassroots mercenaries with no backstage to participate. Although most people are just here to make up the numbers, there are still some lucky people who can come up wi