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shuin’s answer, the corner of Klein’s mouth twitched uncontrollably, and he almost froze in place. \

None of my enemies are in Bayam. If you die at the door of “Sea King”, it won’t have much effect. He took a slow breath, stopped continuing the topic, and asked instead:
/“Hermothuin, no, Mr. Hilarion, why on earth did you notice me?”
And he even came here to remind me before he died.
This was also his doubts about “Magic Mirror” Arrodes and Messenger Miss Renette Tinichole, but he never had a good chance to ask.
Hermosuin was silent for two seconds across the door panel, and then said with a smile:
“Some of your characteristics are not a secret in the eyes of a few special, high-ranking spirit world creatures. As long as you have close contact, you can find them. After all, the gray mist that symbolizes the great master of the spirit world is above our heads. Certain A god with unique authority or an extraordinary person representing destiny can also discover this to varying degrees, of course, provided that they have close contact.”
Just as he was about to speak, Hermosuin continued:
“In Huang Guang’s prophecy, the great master in the spiritual world is one of the variables in the end, but I can’t be sure that you are equal to him. There are too many possibilities for you to have that kind of quality, such as being his favor. He is his child, his chosen messenger, but this does not prevent me from expressing my kindness.
“Ahem, you know the Backlund Stock Exchange? You are like a newly listed railway company. It seems to have good prospects. Some people will naturally be optimistic about you and buy certain stocks, while many people will be very greedy and hope to use it. Another way is to occupy this company or obtain a controlling stake. The former is me, and the latter is the Mother Tree of Desire, which is more powerful spiritual creatures.”
If it weren’t for the fact that there was Emperor Russell, a traveler related to the gray fog, before me, and if I hadn’t divined my origin in that mysterious space and got a clear picture of the earth, I could recall more of it. Memories, I will doubt whether I am the reincarnation of the great master in the spiritual world. From the overall experience, Emperor Russell and I are closer to the chosen divine envoys. The great master in the spiritual world is equal to the infinite blessing of the Lord Klein. All kinds of speculations inevitably arise, and my mind is as chaotic as a ball of yarn that has been played with by a cat.
He calmed down and said:
“Is there any way to hide that trait?”
“Become a demigod.” Just after Hermosuin finished answering, he suddenly coughed twice and said, “Do you mind if I die at your door?”
“Mind.” Klein didn’t want to be noticed by demigods such as “Aquaman” Yarne Coatman and Admiral Robert Davis.
Hermosuyin took a bite of the candy and said:
“Then I have to leave immediately, otherwise it will be too late.
“When you become a demigod and have the ability to explore the depths of the spiritual world, we will still have a chan