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They came from the top of the skull’s head, From the three-dimensional eyes, sprouts grew from all kinds of unimaginable places, and all of this was only because the angel of the Rose School avoided the glove with the aura of the “True Creator” and used a little power to smash a An ordinary-looking copper whistle;

After the evil and strange spiritual creatures entangled the angel for a while, they retreated into the depths of the spiritual world, leaving Yan Coatman unable to catch up;
The saint of the Aurora Society who opened the teleportation door did not participate in the battle. After watching in confusion for a while, he picked up the glove with the aura of the “True Creator” and opened the “door” again before the battle ended. ;
/The strange monster that comes from the Bronze Whistle has no fixed shape, just like the evolution of death itself. It is like mist, filling the surroundings, but it has many white feathers with light yellow stains. Its goal is very clear, that is An angel of the Rose School, after the other party escaped, he also disappeared from the scene, seeming to be chasing the other party, but even so, Yan Cotman, who had flown to this area from the city with a sealed object, still instinctively felt Discomfort, like oneself suddenly progressing a long way on the long journey towards death;
The only one without divinity escaped from the area before Yan Cotman arrived and could not be found later.
Yan Cotman recognized him, though.
An adventurer who can kill the Sequence 5 “Apostle of Desire” is qualified to have his materials placed on the table of “Sea King”
Although this is a type that is relatively ignored, Yan Cotman, who has experienced the sequence of “Navigator”, still remembers the corresponding content.
He cast his gaze towards the cliff, looking at the waves crashing against the island below, and whispered a name:
“Gehrman Sparrow”
On a deserted island in an unknown part of the sea, the figures of Klein and Azik were quickly outlined on the edge of the beach.
Just as Klein was about to speak, Azik, who was wearing a formal suit and a top hat and had a bronze complexion, suddenly had deep brown eyes, as if connected to a dead and dark world.
He grabbed it out of thin air with his right hand, and all the underdeveloped white feathers flew out, crumpled into a ball, and fell into his palm.
Azik just held it lightly, and these weird feathers disappeared, seemingly becoming food for the dead world in his eyes.
“Mr. Azik, this was brought by the bronze whistle of the Spiritual Cult.” Klein pointed out the facts first, and then explained in detail, “The situation was somewhat critical at that time. In order to make the situation more confusing, I blew it. The copper whistle gave the corresponding feathers to the messenger, and then, there was a feeling like the underworld was coming. I didn’t stop and left the scene quickly, but these feathers still grew on my body.”
Azik, who had soft features, nodded gently and said:
“I sensed it from a distance.
“It shouldn’t be a normal