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to come.

This goes beyond the spiritual intuition of the “divineer” and the dangerous premonition of the “clown”, and seems to originate from the invisible gray fog that ripples strangely around him.
“There are enemies like the tail-eater Ouroleus or the saints of the Aurora Society.” Klein opened his eyes and thought about countermeasures with an unusually serious expression.
At this time, if he made a mistake, he would have to consider coming back from the dead.
As for the fat pharmacist Darkwill and the owl Harry, there is absolutely no chance that they will be spared.
He initially hoped that the visitor could only vaguely sense and could only determine a large range, and might not be able to find him or the “dice of probability”. However, considering that this was a ship and there was an uninhabited sea nearby, the target seemed unlikely. It is difficult to lock in. When the time comes, the trouble will be even greater, so we have to give up decisively.
Above the passenger ship, the void suddenly tore open, vaguely revealing an invisible door covered with various complex symbols.
Two slightly pale hands stretched out from the crack of the door, pulled back suddenly, and let the whole body come out.
He wore a black soft hat and a classic dark robe that the old man loved, but he looked less than forty. His brown hair was slightly curled, giving people an unusually hard look.
There seemed to be countless shadows lingering in his dark eyes, and they seemed to hide layers of chaotic worlds.
/Klein’s sense of danger became even stronger, and just the change in his expression scared Darkwill and Harry the owl so much that they didn’t dare to move.
He no longer hesitated, and based on the plans he had made for similar situations in the past few days, he leaned forward and picked up the “Dice of Probability”.
“To judge the behavior of the malicious person who just arrived, I want 1 point.” Klein whispered in a deep voice, threw out the milky white dice, and subconsciously prayed to the goddess in his heart, hoping that the dice, which had just been threatened for a short time, would be obedient. can make a difference.
At the same time, he acted extremely calm, lest the dice sense his own tension and take advantage of it to cause trouble.
Amidst the crashing sound, the “Dice of Probability” rolled several times and settled on a bright red 1 point.
Above the passenger ship, the entire ship was reflected in the eyes of the man in black robe who was less than forty years old.
He spread his spirituality, glanced around, reached out to grab the void in front of him, and suddenly opened an almost invisible door.
The strong man stepped inside and disappeared.
/Klein in the first-class cabin suddenly felt that the danger was gone, and he breathed a sigh of relief uncontrollably.
He stared at the “Dice of Probability” on the coffee table and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart:
“If this dice didn’t have such negative effects and could be fully utilized, it would be a magical tool.
“It is worthy of being a level 0