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a silent breath and said:

“Anyone who doesn’t think so is out of their minds.”
Seeing “The Sun” was still a little confused, he shook his head and said:
“He is the only one in the entire exploration team who is still alive. This fact alone is enough to show that he has quite a problem.”
“Staying in a dungeon for out-of-control people for forty-two years, he is still sober and rational. This shows his weirdness even more.”
“Coupled with the mysterious Amon, the danger is obvious.”
These were all things that Derrick usually thought about but didn’t put together. At this moment, he suddenly understood and said sincerely:
“I see.”
“Thank you, Mr. Hanged Man”
“Justice” Audrey, who listened with interest and observed, resisted the urge to cover her face with her hands, feeling that “The Sun” was simply simpler than herself.
Seeing that everyone’s curiosity had been satisfied, she saw that even the gloomy Mr. “World” had slightly adjusted his sitting posture, and “The Sun” seemed to have nothing else to ask for help, so she turned her head and looked at the top of the long bronze table. , smiled slightly and said:
“Mr. Fool, I apply for private communication.”
Klein was amused again, nodded slightly and said:
He immediately blocked the senses of the “Hanged Man” and others instead of isolating himself from Miss Justice. This was mainly because he was worried that others would be bored and communicate at will, thus exposing the truth that “the world” was just a repeater.
After receiving the prompt, Audrey smiled and said:
“Dear Mr. Fool, I have three new pages of Russell’s diary.”
After the “Card of Blasphemy” was stolen by the family of “The Fool”, she did not feel guilty and stopped going to the Kingdom Museum. On the contrary, as if nothing had happened, she openly begged her father. The week after the exhibition ended, Got another chance to look through that “notebook”.
Audrey believed that this would make her appear magnanimous and was the best way to avoid suspicion.
If you always look guilty and don’t do what you should do according to normal logic, then even if the Church of Steam has no suspicion before, it will feel there is a problem later.
Based on her own experience, she believed that the first few pages of a diary tend to reveal more things, so she mainly memorized the first three pages.
Before “The Fool” could speak, she quickly added:
“I understand that this is not a matter that requires separate communication, but I hope to hide it from Miss Magician for another one to two weeks. In this way, even if she knows that you need Russell’s diary in the future, she will not doubt that I am justice. .”
She met Forsi and Xio once in the middle of this week. By guiding the topic, she naturally told the story about the collection of Russell’s notes that were bitten by her pet dog Susie while playing and were difficult to recover.
/Normally, she no longer had to hide the fact that Mr. Fool needed Russell’s diary, but she used her “mind reader” ability to simulate Fors’s thoughts, thinking