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ects the other party’s subconscious thoughts, allowing him to naturally act according to his own arrangements.

But this should be difficult and very dangerous. Audrey retracted her gaze and did not try rashly.
She clearly remembered that she came here to find traces of the psychic dragon and the “City of Miracles” Levished.
/Audrey passed dozens or hundreds of other people’s consciousnesses, and gradually felt tired.
“It’s time to go back.” She instinctively raised her head, looked into the distance, and made a rational decision.
/She stood there for a long time, unwilling to leave.
When Audrey was about to turn around, a shadow suddenly appeared in mid-air.
Those are two huge, gray wings
Under the wings, there is a slender lizard-like monster.
Its whole body was covered with huge scales like gray-white stone, and it had four thick and powerful legs. It seemed to be bathed in the non-existent sunlight, shining like the afterglow of the setting sun.
The monster flew over, its eyes were pale gold, the pupils were vertical, cold and arrogant.
Its grand and epic figure quickly moved away and disappeared into the subconscious ocean of all living things.
Audrey, the giant spiritual dragon, jumped on the spot and immediately looked around, fearing that others would see her ungraceful and rude behavior.
She walked excitedly and turned around in circles, very satisfied with her adventure.
Sure enough, the custom of dragon worship here is not without origin. There is a spiritual dragon living in their subconscious ocean. Audrey resisted the urge to praise herself and decided to return immediately and wake up from her dream.
She has no urge to continue exploring because she is completely unprepared for this. She plans to ask Mr. Fool and Mr. “The Hanged Man” at the Tarot meeting next week, hoping to get some advice.
Audrey returned the same way and entered the “mountain” where her own consciousness was formed. Then, she woke herself up and successfully escaped from the dream.
At this time, Daniz was also allowed to return to the room.
He glanced at Gehrman Sparrow and said with a smile:
“You definitely won’t tell others what you just saw, right?”
Klein didn’t answer whether he was right or wrong. He stopped walking towards the bedroom and said flatly:
“That’s the problem.
“Yes, yes, the question has no basis and is purely a slanderous question. Moreover, I also answered in the negative.” Daniz responded happily and emphasized that he had never admitted it.
Klein nodded slightly:
“I’ll clarify that with your captain.”
To clarify, Daniz was stunned at first, then half-opened his mouth, his expression distorted.
He was also considered a well-informed person, so he stopped defending and refuting, and forced a smile:
“Is there anything I can do for you?”
Klein took a breath quietly and used his “Joker” ability to control his facial expression:
“Listen carefully.”
“Yes, okay” Daniz agreed hastily.
Seeing Gehrman Sparrow turn around and walk to the bedroom door, he couldn’t help but blurt out and asked: