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time to react.

Looking at the closed door, he smiled slightly and said to himself:
“You may not believe it, but my round is actually a blank bullet.”
Beware of accidentally fired blanks
Next, Klein listened to the midnight poem and waited patiently for the battle outside to end.
Within a minute, the tranquility, like the melody on the moonlit lake, stopped, and the deepest silence returned to the night.
Klein silently slid the wheel, moved the empty space, and waited for the result to appear.
He waited for ten minutes. Just when he was uneasy and hesitant to go out to investigate, Dunn Smith’s calm and gentle voice finally came from the door:
Phew, Klein breathed out, picked up the revolver, took the key, and cautiously approached the door with his bare feet. He opened the door silently and went out. He saw a knee-length black windbreaker, a half-top hat, and deep gray eyes. Dunn Smith stood opposite.
Closing the door with his backhand, he followed Dunn to the end of the corridor and stood in the faint crimson moonlight.
“Wasted some time to enter his dream.” Dunn said calmly while looking at the red moon outside the window.
“I know his origins.” Klein relaxed a lot.
Dunn nodded slightly and said:
Before Klein could ask questions, he paused and said:
“We will arrest some of their members based on clues. Well, the results may not be very good. These guys are as good at hiding as rats in the sewer, but at least they will understand that Antigonus It is very likely that we have obtained the Si family’s notes, or grasped the key clues. In that case, as long as it is not a very critical and important item, they will completely abandon this operation. This is their survival philosophy.”
“What if the notes are very critical and important?” Klein asked worriedly.
Dunn smiled and did not answer, but said:
“We know very little about the Esoteric Order. It is thanks to your cleverness that we can succeed this time. This is a credit to you. After taking into account the possible and hidden dangers, as well as the improvement of inspiration, it is necessary to search for With the help of notes, you have a chance to choose.”
/“Opportunity to choose” Klein vaguely guessed something, and his breathing became heavier subconsciously.
Dunn suppressed his smile and said with a solemn and solemn expression:
“Do you want to become an Extraordinary? You can only choose the starting Extraordinary from the incomplete sequence.”
/“Of course, you can also give up this opportunity and choose to accumulate merit until it is enough for you to become the Sleepless One, which is the beginning of the Night Guard given by the goddess and the beginning of the complete sequence mastered by the church.”
Sure enough, Klein was overjoyed and showed no hesitation for the time being, so he took the initiative to ask:
“Then which Sequence 9s can I choose from?”
You must have detailed information to determine whether to give up or accept, and which one to choose.
Dunn turned around, wearing a scattered crimson “gauze”, look