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ible, I don’t want to know, but I know, I must know. , which seems to be a clue.

ible, I don’t want to know, but I know, I must know. , which seems to be a clue.
/I walked into the elevator and took the box out. The box was neither heavy nor light, and I couldn’t tell what was inside. I could only take it out and put it aside without opening it. Still staring at the elevator motionless.
I saw that there was no movement in the elevator. Those who stayed on the top floor continued to stay on the top floor, and those who stayed on my floor continued to stay here. It seemed that the surroundings suddenly became quiet.
I then began to worry about Zhang Zianglai. He had been silent for so long and where had he gone.
/So I carried the box to the living room. I put the box in the corner and ignored it. Instead, I went to the bathroom to look at the secret door. The secret door was closed. I then looked at the corpse hanging outside the balcony. It was still there, and it was still so weird and scary. I shouted several times but got no response, so I wanted to go upstairs.
When I came out, the elevator was still the same and hadn’t moved. I knew it wouldn’t change, so I went up the stairs to the 13th floor, which was the residents on the floor above me. I saw the door was open from a distance, so I became vigilant. It was very dark inside without turning on the lights, so I stood at the door and called Zhang Ziang inside several times, but no one else responded except me.
I noticed that this floor was still a rough house without any decoration. That is to say, as Zhang Ziang said, no one lived upstairs in my house, so I often heard the sound of people walking in his house, including some Some of the other sounds at that time were really things I couldn’t imagine!
I went in and searched around but found nothing. I went to the balcony of his house and took a look. I only saw a rope stretching from the balcony to the door handle. Apparently that was how the female body was hung, and the bathroom outside the balcony But it wasn’t the bathroom. I saw the secret door opened in the same position, and it was a pit-like place.
Zhang Ziang could not be found in the whole room, nor anyone else. I knew something was wrong. Maybe Zhang Ziang was on the top floor now, so I came out and went up to the top floor. Because I was afraid of disturbing someone, I didn’t use the elevator, but Climb up the stairs.
I reached the top floor in one breath, and finally went up to the rooftop. Sure enough, the door to the rooftop was also open. When I walked to the edge of the rooftop, I saw two figures standing on the edge of the rooftop from a distance. They were one behind the other. Because I Afraid of disturbing them, I walked very lightly. They didn’t seem to notice me because I was a little far away, and there was a water tank next to me. I happened to be standing next to the water tank, so they couldn’t see me.
I heard Zhang Ziang’s voice from afar: “What you did is too obvious. He has already discovered you, and your identity will be exposed soon.”
I looked at these two people, both of them were dark shad