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t see much blood, except for this name. Doctor Dou is a talented person.

t see much blood, except for this name. Doctor Dou is a talented person.
I asked Duan Qing: “Based on these two words alone, how can you be sure that this is the scene? The rest of the traces are not left at all.”
Duan Qing said: “Of course not. Look at what this is.” After
finishing speaking , Duan Qing gave me a photo. The photo was obviously taken at night, but you can see a person lying on the ground, who is it not Zou Yan? There is an anatomical wound on his chest, and there is a layer of plastic sheet under his body to prevent Blood splattered and seeped into the soil.
Seeing this picture, I looked at Duan Qing and said, “Where did you get this photo?”
Duan Qing didn’t hide it from me. She said, “It was Hao Shengyuan who gave it to me. He suddenly called me last night. I called and said that he had important clues for me and made an appointment with me to go to the hospital. You should have known about this in the morning. I found this place by comparing it with the background on the photo, and then I found this name.”
/I frowned. Come and say: “How did Hao Shengyuan have this photo? Could it be that he is the murderer?”
However, it is not quite right to look at it this way. If this is the case, then this case is too simple. Duan Qing said: “No He, didn’t you feel anything was wrong when you got this photo?”
I looked at the photo, and I had already felt this strange thing when I got the photo, but I deliberately ignored it, and now When Duan Qing said it, I already knew what she was referring to. This photo seemed to have been soaked in water and then dried, so the areas that had been soaked in water would be somewhat hard and deformed. Although it was not very obvious, it still worked. It’s felt through touch, but it’s not like being completely soaked.
/Seeing that I had noticed it, Duan Qing said, “Hao Shengyuan didn’t tell you. He found this photo in Zou Yan’s freezer. I don’t know who put it in it.”
After hearing this, I A question immediately came to mind, which was why Hao Shengyuan never said anything about this matter, and why he didn’t see it on the surveillance camera. At this point, I suddenly remembered that when Hao Shengyuan was inspecting the body that morning, he stood by the freezer for a long time with his back to the camera. So during that time, was he hiding the photo? After all, such a photo had to be hidden in The sleeves are also very simple.
So the crux of the problem is why he gave the photo to Duan Qing instead of me, and he didn’t even mention it to me. I looked at Duan Qing and said, “What he found in the freezer was not just a photo, but a threatening message. The first thing he saw was the threatening message, and then he saw the photo. , is that so?”
Duan Qing said: “You are indeed right in guessing, this is a threatening note.”
As he said, Duan Qing handed over the threatening note, and I saw it read: “Hide the photo, He’s something that can kill you.”
I read the sentence on the note, and my doubts deepened. I said, “Since the superiors asked him to co