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nights with the lowest status, who basically stayed in line all day long. It is necessary to wait for the previous nobles to be canonized before it can finally be their turn.

Theoretically, they could come back in the afternoon. It is a pity that the upright ceremonial officials accepted death and must restore the scene of the canonization ceremony as much as possible.
Except for the absence of Caesar III, the other processes are basically intact real-life simulations.
Originally, he wanted to visit the palace, but after thinking about it, Hudson gave up the idea. You don’t need to think about it to know that the guards will not agree.
If anyone can run around in the palace, then it is not a palace, but a vegetable market.
“Sir, do you want Miss Melissa to invite you?”
As soon as I returned to the station and was about to change into regular clothes and go out for a walk, I received this unexpected news.
It was too much of a coincidence for Hudson to think too much.
He was not there when the marriage was discussed earlier, but just after the postponement of the wedding was announced, he happened to come back, as if he was deliberately escaping.
However, going to the Warcraft Mountains for training was arranged by the Magic Academy. As a new little magician, Melissa doesn’t have the ability to influence the academy’s decisions.
Even the Hollister family doesn’t have such a big reputation now.
After looking at the familiar small words on the parchment and making sure that no one was playing a prank, Hudson changed his clothes and went straight to the Magic Academy.
Lush aspens, vibrant lawns, the aroma of violets, and red fruits hanging from the apple trees not far away.
If it weren’t for the biting cold wind, Hudson wouldn’t believe it was winter.
The vitality of spring, the prosperity of summer, the harvest of autumn, and the desolation of winter.
All gathered together, such an abnormal scene did not arouse people’s surprise, just because this is the magic academy.
As the oldest and most prosperous school in the Alpha Kingdom, any supernatural phenomena that occur here can only be considered normal.
/When they met again, their relationship had undergone a qualitative change.
/Once an aristocratic marriage is announced to the public, there is basically no room for regret. The only difference between a fiancée and a husband and wife is just a wedding ceremony.
After looking at each other, the two people became awkward together, not knowing what to say for a while.
“Why did you come back from the experience so quickly? Didn’t you say it would last for half a year?”
Hudson asked tentatively.
“An accident occurred in the Warcraft Mountains. A dragon appeared from nowhere and had a fight with two earth bears, causing the Warcraft in the area to panic and run around.
Intermediate and high-level monsters frequently appear in the peripheral areas where we have experienced.
After three students had accidents before they could send out a signal for help, the college’s senior management postponed the exper