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The arrival of the rainy season delayed the movement of the army and also saved him a lot of trouble.
Facing the power of nature and the small manpower, the country can no longer urge him to fight quickly.
The war in northern Xinjiang has rekindled, and the kingdom’s strategy of moving north and then west was forced to shelve, and now someone is helping to shoulder the blame.
For the subsequent war, we need to take it one step at a time. Hudson didn’t believe it, and couldn’t find any loopholes in the enemy’s attack.
The rainy season is unusual. It rained intermittently for seven days, and then a rainbow appeared in the sky.
After the rain, the sky clears up, but I don’t know whether this sunny day is permanent or just a flash in the pan.
Hudson was tired of patrolling the camp every day. Fortunately, the rain covered a wide enough area and did not only catch the Expeditionary Force and cause trouble.
Affected by heavy rainfall, flash floods occurred in many areas. The coalition of ancient survivors gathered in the Declas Province was unfortunately caught up in a flash flood.
In this kind of heavy rainfall, the soldiers who stayed in the camp all day felt very angry. We also happened to encounter a flash flood, so it was no wonder that our morale was so high.
After receiving the news, Hudson was not only happy, but also happy.
Fortunately, we chose to set up camp on a higher mountain. If we chose a flat area for convenience, how to drain the water in the camp would be a big problem.
Looking into the distance, Hudson ordered to the guard: “Send the order and summon the officers above the regiment level in the Warcraft Cavalry Legion to come over for discussion!”
/They are also regiment-level officers, and the regiment level in the Warcraft Cavalry Legion is obviously much higher than the regiment level in other legions.
Calling them alone for a meeting is not class discrimination. The main reason is that the roads are now muddy, which limits the performance of ordinary cavalry.
In comparison, the impact on Warcraft is much smaller and almost negligible.
In a short period of time, the only force that Hudson could use was the five thousand Warcraft Cavalry.
During the rainy period, Hudson was planning to take the Warcraft Cavalry out to cause trouble and catch the enemy by surprise.
Only considering that the troops were limited and could not handle big things, and it was not worth exposing the combat effectiveness of the Warcraft Cavalry in advance, they chose to shelve the plan temporarily.
After the rain and the sky clears up, everyone is in a good mood, but it is also the time when it is easiest to be careless.
/Seven days of peace and muddy roads are enough to dispel many people’s vigilance.
Just by looking at the top of your head, you can tell that in the past few days, the enemies have not come to conduct reconnaissance.
Not out of negligence, but out of necessity. The advantage of the cavalry lies in their mobility. It is impossible for the cavalry to give up its advantages and run to figh