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point of view, he is still in his infancy.

If Bear Stearns didn’t cover up and revealed his real body, I guess everyone who saw him would think he was an unweaned naughty child.
It is true that it has not been weaned. Honey animal milk has always been its essential food, and it has to drink a pot of almost the same volume as its body every day.
It seems to be the lifeblood of a bear’s life, and anyone who dares to wean it off its milk will be in a hurry. If this situation continues, it is estimated that Hudson will not see the bears weaned during his lifetime.
Reason told Hudson that it was time to find a way to make money. Just because you have to play opposite the Sith Baron, you can’t neglect your essential work.
/The trade will begin.
Walking on the street, counters are filled with merchandise. The shouts of merchants can be heard all the time.
The prosperous Dadir City of the past seems to be back again.
It was obvious that the Sith Baron had done his homework. Apart from anything else, just gathering such merchants would take a lot of effort.
Like all the local aristocrats, Hudson just couldn’t buy it. This is what everyone agreed in advance. No matter what products appear in the city, they will not be traded this time.
As for the future, let’s talk about it when the time comes. The memory of nobles also has a time limit. Although emotionally, no one wants to see the nobles of northern Xinjiang grow bigger, but the southern region does need a business center.
If some Dadil cities become business centers, they can bring enough benefits to everyone, and it is estimated that everyone will not refuse this convenience.
If the investors don’t take action, the transaction volume will naturally not increase. The contribution of just a few dozen northern nobles is far from being able to support a business center.
Without any surprise, Baron Keterai still hasn’t sold any of his orc slaves. Not only did the local nobles not buy it, but the northern nobles also did not take care of the business.
Although the Sith Baron came out to greet everyone, it was a pity that all the Northland nobles had a large number of orc slaves in their hands. If they didn’t know they couldn’t sell it, they probably would have sold part of it to cash out.
There is no way, the orc slave is really difficult to use. Apart from some simple menial work, nothing else can be done.
The most important thing is the language barrier, which makes it difficult to conduct training smoothly.
Not every territory has endless hard work. When the number of slaves exceeds the demand, the lords will naturally not continue to buy slaves.
Even though everyone was very sympathetic to Baron Kettle’s experience, it was only in words. It was not enough to ask them to spend real money to support him.
Besides, it’s not like everyone didn’t help. A group of northern Xinjiang nobles also collected several thousand gold coins and lent them to Baron Keterai for emergency purposes.
/As entrepreneurs, all this money was squeezed out of everyone’s teeth.