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f you don’t find some fun for yourself, you will collapse.

It’s a pity that everyone was laughing so hard. Even though they knew it was a joke, only the Silver Moon Wolf Emperor was laughing.
The reason why he was able to laugh was naturally because the core members of the Silver Moon Wolf Clan were the first to complete the transfer.
The remaining werewolf tribes are now dominated by ordinary werewolves. Only a very small number of people with atavistic bloodline are qualified to become members of the royal family.
“Okay, no more joking.
In my opinion, the current situation in the empire is far from as bad as you think.
It seems very simple for the human race to split up the empire, but the premise of all this is the decline of our five families.
As long as our strength is maintained, even if the enemy splits the Orc Empire, we can unite the Empire again.
The competition now is patience. As long as our clan members complete the transfer, we can slowly continue to fight them.
Unless the human coalition forces have been stationed on the grassland, after they leave, we can come back at any time and take back everything that originally belonged to us.
/Of course, this opportunity must be grasped well, and it must be past this limelight. We can no longer stimulate the human race! ”
Silver Moon Wolf Emperor said with lingering fear.
learn from mistakes.
/Having personally experienced the power of the human race, he has completely given up on the position of the continent’s overlord.
“The Silver Moon Wolf King is right. The situation is not yet pessimistic. The human race’s offensive seems very fierce, but it actually indicates that the end of the war is not far away.
The assassination of Caesar III has opened the lid on the power struggle in the Alpha Kingdom. The struggle that originally remained in the background has now been brought to the forefront.
The internal conflicts alone are enough to keep him busy. No matter how much he wants to destroy us, he must first resolve his internal conflicts.
Even if Caesar III can generously say that he will not pursue the case, he still has to have those big nobles to believe him. Now that the seeds of doubt have been planted, both sides have to fall to end it.
Without the persistence of this militant faction, the Human Alliance, which has already wavered in its position, will soon be shaken in its determination to destroy us.
If they keep putting it off, the heavy logistics will crush them. We have plenty of time to grind, so the worst we can do is give them the prairie first! ”
Alex said pretending to be proud.
Deep down, he had already greeted all of Hudson’s family. It’s really too shameful, and it’s obvious that he wants to kill the Orc Empire.
If there were not many vassal tribes to provide them with supplies and wealth, the five royal families would not be able to live such a prosperous life.
In the Emerald Palace, the seriously injured Caesar III appeared in front of people again after a month of recuperation. His face was rosy, and he didn’t look like