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my in the shortest time. Otherwise, once their formations gather again, they will be beaten. What dissipates may be the free soul.

The fake bull head was like a shit stick, stirring up the battlefield below the valley into a mess. It also obeyed Pei Jiao’s order and did not step within a two-kilometer radius of the demonic ghost. The giant human-faced wolf and Naturally, the centaur could not attack it, so after more than a minute at most, the army array of tens of thousands of ordinary ghosts was completely messed up, and there was no trace of the existence of the array at all.
“It’s now!”
Seeing this, Pei Jiao shouted loudly, and he and Yang Dingtian rushed towards the large number of ordinary ghosts below. At the same time, behind him, David and more than ten people followed closely. Everyone drew out their own natural weapons. There are knives, guns, two-handed heavy swords, firearms, crossbows, and even a tall and thick European man holding a long whip.
/All in all, it was a good thing that Pei Jiao asked those free souls without natural weapons to leave. Although the number of remaining people was small, everyone had their own natural weapons. When dealing with these many skeletons and ghosts that did not even reach the demon level, when Like a tiger rushing into a flock of sheep, Pei Jiao and Yang Dingtian took the lead in rushing into the chaotic group of ghosts and monsters on the outermost edge. They raised their knives and let out a few hisses. All the ghosts that were killed by the heroic spear blades immediately turned into standard. The energy makes it impossible to even struggle. The obsession of a ghost of this level is very weak. As long as it is hit by a natural weapon, no matter where it is hit, it will definitely die!
/When Pei Jiao was cutting through a series of skeletons and ghosts, he briefly glanced at Yang Dingtian and the others. Although the capacity of these people’s natural weapons was far inferior to that of his heroic spear blade, no matter the capacity, it seemed that as long as they were natural weapons That’s it. As long as you hit the skeleton ghost, you will definitely kill it with one hit. There are four groups of these more than ten people. Each group is like a sharp knife and cuts into the sea of ??ghosts. There are many standards immediately. Energy appeared on the road they rushed through, and these four groups of people did not stop at all, all following closely and rushing toward the central density.
Just when a large number of ghosts on the outside were scattered, and the fake bull head was still raging inside, the red devil that Pei Jiao thought was impossible to move actually stood up from the ground, a pair of nearly five-meter-long jet-black bats Its wings flapped violently, and gradually, it actually levitated!
Not only that, several red flame balls the size of a washbasin also appeared around its body, as if it was about to attack.
Could it be that it plans to fly out of the rune array and attack everyone? Pei Jiao saw the actions of this demonic ghost in the b